7 tourist places to visit/things to do in Al Khobar

Al Khobar lies in the eastern province of the Kingdom and there are many things to do and tourist places to visit in this small city. Al Khobar maintains a great infrastructure which is necessary for a commercial city. One can claim it as a developed city as per its roads, buildings, houses, etc.

Al Khobar is a great place to visit as it offers recreational sites such as beaches, gardens and of course the port and you will find plenty of things to do here.

  1. The King Fahd causeway

The King Fahad Causeway is a bridge that links Khobar to the island in Bahrain. The 26 km long bridge is worth 1.2 billion US dollars! The bridge has four lanes and is the most beautiful bridge in the world. Reaching the middle of the bridge, one ends up on an island. Local tourists who visit Al Khobar, love to go to this place as it is the best thing to do here.

The bridge also connects to a tower which is a great picnic spot! You can enjoy a snack time along with a great view from there with family and friends. You can get On Arrival Visa of Bahrain if you travel through King Fahd Causeway.

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  1. Surfing and Diving

If you love to do surfing and diving, you should definitely visit the tourist place called Al Khobar sea. One shall have great surfing and diving venture there! Tourists love to visit the place and experience the water.

  1. Wharf/pier/boardwalk

The very attractive boardwalk is made for the purpose of walking and jogging. It is just along the Arabian Gulf. It is a great tourist place to visit for families in Al Khobar as it is equipped with a kid’s area and 10 restaurants!

  1. Half moon bay Holiday resort

Half moon bay Holiday resort is another great water activity which can be enjoyed by visiting this tourist place in Al Khobar. The water-vehicles have pedals. It is fun to pedal the crafts and is a great exercise!

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  1. Sunset Beach

Sunset beach is Al Khobar’s beauty and a must-visit tourist place! It offers to live for people and is also a great resort for visitors. It is not an ordinary residency: it consists of an alley of bowling, a pool hall, arcade and dining areas. An adventurous water park waits which is equipped with slides, paddle boats, a river a beach.

However only families can enjoy there, and you need to pay an entrance fee. However, it would be worth it! So, do visit the amazing sunset beach which is to the east of Khobar just near the Desalinization plant.

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  1. Motorcycling

The motorcycling experience in the desert of Al Khobar is a lot of fun! The deserts of Khobar give one a great opportunity to ride a motorcycle in vast and sandy deserts.

  1. Camel Back Ride

Kids love to have a ride on humpy and tall camels and al Khobar shall be the ideal place to visit for it. The camels are beautifully decorated with fancy accessories.  

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