7 things you don’t know about your Testicles

Testicular Cancer is something which most men do not consider or imagine getting, however, it is something which is very common and can affect all men. Here are a few facts to take your mind off the grim reality of cancer and how any one of us can fall victim to it at any time;

1-One of the most common symptoms of testicular cancer is a lump on the testicle which doesn’t pain. Other rarer symptoms can also include discomfort or unusual heavy feeling in the scrotum or a dull ache. If you are ever unsure about it, it is best to pay the doctor a quick visit.

2-Medical professionals have been recommending men of all ages to give their testicles a DIY self-examination at least once every month. This simple test will not take more than a few minutes of your precious time and could also save something more precious i.e. your life. Though the stats might look scary, if the testicular cancer is detected at an early stage there is a 95 percent survival rate. Those of you interested, here is how you do it;

  • It is recommended that you perform this self-exam after a hot bath or a shower as your skin will be more loose and relaxed.
  • Place your index and middle finger under your testicle with the thumbs on top. Gently yet firmly roll the testicles between the thumbs and the fingers in order to feel out any bumps on the surface.
  • Find your epididymis (which is the soft rope like structure located on the back side of the testicle). This can very easily be mistaken for a bump or foreign mass due to the odd shape. However, if you are familiarized with it, it should be easy to spot and not mistake it for any other irregularity

3-Each person’s testicles create around 200 million sperm every single day.

4-The word avocado has been derived from the Aztec word used for testicle. The same is also true for the word “orchid” which has been derived from the Greek word for testicle.

5-Each sperm contains around 37.5 megabytes of data according to modern measurements. In that case, each “average” sized ejaculation would contain 15.8 terabytes of data. Much more than some laptop hard drives.

6-The testicles have some of the most diverse proteins found in any of the organs of the human body. A study which had been conducted on the matter had found that around 77 percent of all the human proteins have been expressed in the testicles. Out of these 999 proteins found in the testicles are unique proteins. That is something quite impressive, simply considering that the brain has only 318 unique proteins. Let that just sink in.

7-Most of the testicles hand at differing heights. It is found in nearly 65 percent of all the men. For these men, the right testicle will hang higher and will be slightly larger.

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