7 things you could do instead of filming a tragic accident

Now in this era, we are living in a strange world where time is governed by social media and people consume their time by getting likes and admiration from people. We use our smartphones to film every sad and happy event of our life and sometimes we cross our limits while handling our smartphones.

There is nothing wrong to say that we have become emotionless and doesn’t hesitate to film others suffering around us. Whenever we witness any tragic incident instead of helping the victims we start filming that incident to post the video clip on social media where we usually get millions of views online.

To satisfy ourselves and by doing this we are totally unaware that we are hurting and disrespecting others. We can do a lot rather than filming the tragic event. Mentioned are some things we could do at the site of the accident instead of filming it:

1-Call authorities or paramedics to report the incident: Whenever you see any tragic incident happening nearby you, pull your mobile phone to call the authorities or paramedics the victim Instead of filming the incident. Keep strength in you to call the paramedics or authorities if the situation calls for it.

2-Help the Victim: Instead of filming the incident try to help the victims if you can help them. In Saudi Arabia, during an incident that causes injuries like car accidents or fire incidents, people are advised not to move victims or enter any burning building until police arrive but you can talk to the victim to provide them support and keep them calm until paramedics arrive.

3-Stop people from taking photos: If you witness anyone capturing images or filming the incident all you can do is you can stop them from doing this.

Instead of taking out your cell phones to do the same you can stop them simply asking them how they would feel if they were in victim’s place and see people filming them.

You can also advise people not to share any videos or images of disturbing incidents because it further only contributes to the victim’s suffering.

4-Walk away if you can’t do anything: If you feel you can do nothing to help the victims of the incident walk away instead of taking out your cell phone to film their sufferings. By doing this at least you can respect the victim’s privacy.

5-Make space for paramedics to save lives: If you are standing on the scene of the dangerous accident so move away when paramedics arrive so that they can easily work out to help the victims and save their lives and also tell others not to block their way by gathering around the victims.

6-Cooperate with authorities and paramedics team: If you are still there at the scene of a dangerous accident when paramedic arrives, follow every instruction they ask you to do and please try to cooperate with them instead of creating any violent scene.

7-Think what you would have wanted if you were in the position of the victim: Before filming any critical incident think for a while if you were at that place would you like anybody filming you and posting your videos online rather than helping you. 

If you think on this you will get the answer, and always remember to post wisely and stop posting and sharing images and videos of such tragic incidents.

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