7 things that can break your fast

According to Muslim scholars, there are seven things that can void or break your fast. Therefore, this article will basically highlight those seven things which nullify your fast so that you can learn about them and avoid them.

  1. Eating and drinking

Starting from the basics, anything you eat or drink during your fast shall break your fast. Anything that goes into the stomach through mouth or nose breaks the fast. Even if you swallow a stone, as it is going into your stomach, your fast gets nullified.

  1. Whatever takes the role of food and water

For instance, Gela core, the IV that will help you live for 3-4 days without eating. As this IV is going into veins, the fast is broken. Moreover, if you intake antibiotics during fast, inject penicillin or insulin your fast is broken.

  1. Vomiting intentionally

Vomiting intentionally is one of those things which break your fast. For instance, if someone ate too much and feels like getting rid of it and stuck a finger in the mouth, the fast is broken.

However, if one eats too much or something that didn’t suit him, and he vomits without having control over it and it is purely unintentional than the fast is unaffected.

  1. Cupping and Hijamah

There is a dispute over the fact that cupping and Hijama is one of those things which can break your fast. However, the most authentic opinion is to not to get cupped during fasting. When one gets rashes, scratches, and slashes on the back of the neck or on shoulders, cupping is done to extract the rotten blood.

It is a form of healing and medication and the Prophet PBUH encouraged the activity. However, as it is an issue of dispute, one shall refrain from it during fast. 

However, giving blood for the medical test, a gum bleed (not swallow blood) during a dentist checkup are things that won’t affect the fast. Blood donation can make you feel down and affect your health, so you shall do that after opening your fast. Also Read: Can a person donate blood while fasting?

  1. Ejaculation

Any person ejaculating during awake, of course, breaks his fast. This is different from nocturnal emission. If you ejaculate while sleeping, this does not have an effect on your fast. But if you do so by looking at something or while masturbating then your fast is nullified. Also Read: Does masturbation break your fast?

  1. Sexual intercourse

In routine life, having intercourse with your legitimate partner is perfectly okay, but if a husband has intercourse with his wife during fast, it is considered as a great sin and it also breaks the fast. Also Read: What is the most sinful act while fasting?

  1. Blood of menses or post-natal bleeding

These two can break your fast even if experienced only a few seconds before the Maghrib prayer.

As we know that women going through this period cannot pray Salah or keep a fast but there are many other things with great Thawab which they can do. Also Read: How can a woman who cannot fast take benefit from Ramadan?

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