7 things about Marital Rape – every married person should know about

Yes, it is completely possible to be raped even by the man that you are married to. Here is everything that one needs to know about marital rape and how it is prevalent around the world.[irp]

1-Marital rape takes place when one of the partners in marriage, forces the other one into non-consensual $€x: It can or cannot be including physical torture during intercourse; however, the fact is that non-consensual $€x is rape, even if the rapist is the legally wedded spouse of the victim.

2-The main problem is that in most of the cases involving marital rape, the victims do not realize that they are actually being wronged and violated: The fact that the husbands have complete rights over their spouse and that the wife must always conform to the physical desires of the husband even when they might not want to or might not be of the health to do so is a major issue in marital rape. It has been drilled into the minds of women. This I why some women feel that they absolutely must fulfill any and all physical demands of her husband regardless of how cruel or unjust they may be.


3-The majority of the men and society justify marital rape under the guise of religion: This is another major reason why the act of marital rape is not considered to be an equal crime to that of non-marital rape. Several of the people justify marital rape by quoting various religious scriptures and how women will be cursed if they refuse physical intimacy with their significant other even once. It must be realized that no religion around the world justifies physical abuse against women.

4-Doctors have reported several cases where women have had complications and injuries as a result of marital rape: Vaginal infections and tears are amongst the most common complaints brought to doctors. Most of the women have been advised a rest period of six to seven weeks prior to engaging in $€xual intercourse again, however, the husbands usually refuse to allow them such a long period of abstinence from $€xual relations.

5-These women have to also undergo several abortions for the contraceptive methods which are also perceived to be prohibited by several religions: Doctors have reported that women of young age pass away as their bodies cannot handle the numerous abortions.

6-The laws have been amended to include marital rape as an act of rape, however, there have been no cases reported as of yet: Rape has been defined as an act of forceful $€x with a woman, who is not the man’s wife, in the legal legislature. The clause, other than the man’s wife, had been removed, however, there have been no cases reported as of yet.

7-Treatment of women as $€x objects and lack of education are core reasons behind the inability of the society to view it as a crime: Women will need to be educated about their rights, they need to be explained that the society has some misplaced expectations of them and they must not conform to them at the expense of their self-respect and personal dignity.

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