7 superstitions Saudi mothers should not believe in

Superstitions are illogical believes related to certain things and actions. Superstition states that any action or thing can cause bad luck and thereby it shall be avoided.

For instance, some people hold this superstition that breaking of glass would bring bad luck to them or the family! Quite illogical though: how can a glass possess such power?

Superstitions and superstitious people are found all over the world. We have to admit that almost all Saudi moms are superstitious. Or let’s just say that they have categorized all unethical and somewhat dangerous activities as superstitious!

  1. Playing with Scissors

Any Saudi mom if finds a pair of scissors in your hand, she will definitely tell you to leave it and keep it safe as playing with scissors can bring evil to the house. I heard a mum saying that it will cause a fight or dispute in the family!

Seriously! I mean scissors shall be avoided by kids as they can get hurt but that’s witty you know. Kids get fearful and end up using hands and teeth for cutting rather than using scissors!

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  1. Upward facing footwear

Any footwear that is upward facing is a bad omen declared by Saudi moms. I just thought that they look unethical. But the Saudi moms see upward facing footwear as a great obstacle that can let their child fall or trip. So yes, instead of teaching this, we are taught that this would bring bad luck!

4989 7 super stitions Saudi mothers should not believe in 02

  1. Throwing hair on the floor

Mysteriously, throwing hair on the floor can cause hair-fall and hair damage. Well guys, throwing hair on the floor cause nothing more than a mess in the house and your mum would have to vacuum it out!

  1. Staring in the mirror

All Saudi girls would agree that their mums have slammed them out while they were staring at the mirror for long. The phrase that comes out unintentionally by Saudi moms is that the Jins will fall in love with you!  Oh well, if this was the case, we might start arranging girl-Jinn marriages in KSA!

4989 7 super stitions Saudi mothers should not believe in 04

  1. Leaving handbag on the floor

Leaving handbag on the floor is a bad omen and every girl shall make sure that the handbag stays on the shoulder, says almost every Saudi mom!

Well, girls keeping handbag on the floor isn’t a bad omen, it’s just dangerous. See you might forget it there and you are making your bag vulnerable for theft!

4989 7 super stitions Saudi mothers should not believe in 05

  1. Singing in washrooms

While staring in mirrors can cause a jinn fall in love with you, singing in a shower can upset a jin! Jins are having double-standards here! Well, I guess our mothers want us to focus on taking shower properly and they don’t want us to shampoo our mouths!

  1. Wearing clothes inside out

If you wear a cloth inside out, God forbids a lot of bad can happen to you. Seriously, I happen to go through worse days without wearing clothes inside out! Yes, it is a superstition and wearing clothes that way is just not perfect and your mother needs perfection!

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