7 reasons your UAE Visa Application can be Rejected

UAE is a dream place for many. People around the world wish to either settle in UAE or visit it once. This is a fact that we cannot deny. Every year, Millions of people visit UAE. UAE receives interestingly a large number of visa applications around the year. People either want to visit its attractive place and enjoy the UAE based life.

Yet, all the UAE based dreams are broken when UAE authorities reject your visa application. Applying for UAE visa is not an easy job. You have to go through a lot of paperwork and have to complete a lot of documents for the purpose.[irp]

For a UAE visa, you shall also have scanned passport copies, a letter of invitation from a UAE based host and a return ticket if you are applying for a tourist visa. There are other necessary documents you shall be equipped with as well and whose detail you can fetch from a travel agent or even a company PRO.

You can get plenty of information from people about how to apply for a UAE visa, but it is unlikely to get details about avoiding mistakes that can cause visa rejection. As is said, applying for a visa is not easy and then getting the news of visa rejection is certainly heartbreaking. So here are those 7 things that can cause your UAE visa rejection.

1-The most common reason for Visa rejection observed is that a visa applicant had a residency visa and before leaving the country did not cancel their UAE visa. If your visa application got rejected because of this or you have committed the above-mentioned blunder, ask your PRO to clear your previous residency visa by visiting the immigration department.

2-If you hold a handwritten passport, don’t even have dreams of hold a UAE visa. The UAE immigration center will immediately reject your visa for having a handwritten passport.

3-If you had previously committed a fraud, crime or held misconduct issues in UAE before, your visa application this time is likely to be rejected.

4-If you previously applied for a tourist visa and did not visit UAE, you shall now ask PRO of the travel agency to visit the immigration center and clear out the first tourist visa.

5-If you held an employment visa before and did not visit UAE, you shall now ask PRO or your sponsor to clear out your work visa by visiting the UAE immigration center.

6-Before sending your visa application, do check it keenly. As any visa application that has errors in name, passport number or professional code will either face prolonging delays and issues or would eventually be rejected.

7-While capturing your photo for online visa application, make sure it’s not blurred as the photo of the passport copies which are unclear will be either rejected by the immigration system of UAE or delayed.

Source: Khaleej Times

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