7 reasons you must visit Wahba Crater – The Natural Wonder of Saudi Arabia

The Wahba Crater is one of the natural beauties located in Saudi Arabia. The great volcanic crater lies just 250 KM away from Taif. However, remember one thing, the crater depicts its utmost beauty before sunset. So if you plan a trip there, make sure you reach before sunset.

1-If one needs to be mesmerized by the natural wonders, visiting Crater is the best option. The great and giant crater lies at the edge of the lava field known as the Harrat Kishb.

The crater has a diameter of 2 Km and is as deep as 260 meters. The giant crater is beauty in its own.

2-The crater’s origin is still a mystery. There are some theories to support the crater’s origin, yet geologists have not come up with a unanimous conclusion.

Some believe that the crater was formed due to a meteorite. This theory is supported because of the fact that the crater looks like a meteoric one.

Others believe that a volcanic eruption of underground nature resulted in the formation of Wahba Crater. Most geologists accept this theory now as a vast lava field surrounds the crater.

God knows how the crater was formed, but the fact is, it is there and it is indeed a natural wonder of its own kind.

3-Its huge size takes everyone in its grip. People are amazed to see the gigantic crater. Also, the view it depicts is breathtaking. The crater was once having a lake at its bottom.

The lake is no more yet the crystals of sodium phosphate have been deposited there. Looking from the top, it seems as if the crater is delicately furnished with pearls at its bottom.

4-Once, date palms used to be planted just on the side of the crater. The remains of the plantation are still there. Green remains on one side, a white bed of pearls at the bottom, the crater surrounded by dark black lava fields and blue sky high above, what a contrast of colors it is.

5-This is what you cannot miss! Arranging a trip there is a great treat! I have already made up your mind, think of camping as well.

Yes, there is a great place for camping in the north, from where you can reach the crater as well. 

6-Just make sure you have a four-wheel vehicle, thick mattress, warm clothes and sleeping bags. The nights are cold and temperature can drop to 10 degrees Celsius and that too in summers! Yet days can be super sunny so be equipped with a sunblock and water in good quantity.

7-Hiking would be fun there. Get yourself a good pair of hiking shoes. Yet be careful. Do not go alone as there is a signal issue at the crater.

Moving down into the crater is fun and is easy. Only a few places are loose where you need to be careful. However, moving upward is what is physically challenging.

You will be welcomed by palm trees remains, water spring and beautiful lava stones. Capture your beautiful experience there and make it a lovable memory! National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development (NCWCD) now protects the Crater.

Source: Arab News

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