6 reasons Saudis don’t marry European girls

All of us know how civilized European girls are. Still, there are many reasons Saudis don’t want to marry European women.

1 – They are too beautiful for them to handle: Saudis love to marry beautiful girls but European women are too beautiful for them to handle. They might be afraid that while dealing with others, she would get the entire attention of the audience.

3004 7 reasons why Saudis don’t want to marry European girls 00

2 – Cultural Issues: We know that the culture in Saudi Arabia is entirely different from the culture a European girl is brought up in. This is a reason Saudis think thrice before marrying a European girl.

3 – You might deal differently with parents in law: There are different ways to deal with Saudi parents in law. You should prove that her family can trust you and you can win their hearts. Tests are different in each family.

4-Independent women: European women are more Independent women ever considered. They build their own career and lead a Rich Life. These women also are much independent in a relationship.

3004 7 reasons why Saudis don’t want to marry European girls 01

5-High Expectations: European women also possess a demanding nature. They don’t want just a guy. All they want is gentlemen who can love, care, and respect and value manners too. “If you are not gentlemen, that’s not matching effort for you “.

6-It’s all about food: As we know that Saudis love food. If you have ever been to Saudi Arabia, you can notice a large number of restaurants here.

For many women cooking is a way to show their love. European women do not use this trick and Saudis do not really feel very comfortable with that.

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