7 Reasons Everyone expatriate and foreigner should have a Saudi Friend

Saudi Arabia is also sometimes called as the Land of the Two Holy Mosques. It holds a strong cultural history and great civilization. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich cultural setting which all basically is adopted by Islam.

Islam is the official religion of Saudi-Arabia. Their customs, culture, and traditions are adopted from the religion Islam. As Islam is the religion of peace and harmony it motivates love, fraternity, brotherhood, mutual support, and companionship. Saudis are also very friendly, polite and humble.[irp]

The identities of Saudi Arabian citizens express their culture, customs, traditions, religious values and etiquettes. Although there are a number of good reasons to be friends with Saudis we going to mention the seven most important reasons that compel everyone to have a Saudi Friend.

1-Saudi Hospitality: Generosity runs in the blood of Saudis. Most of them are very generous people. Hospitality and kindness is a compulsory element of their culture and tradition. People all over the kingdom are friendly. It would not be wrong to state that Saudi Society is the trademark of Hospitality.

2-They love to spend on friends: A Saudi’s heart is filled with a treasure of humbleness and friendship. They believe in mutual support and cooperation and this gives a valid proof that they love to spend on friends.

3-They eat a lot and force you to eat with them: Arabian foods are famous for decades due to their traditional cuisine and taste. Saudis are too much passionate about food and this strong passion towards food makes them more food freaks and food lover. They will not only eat themselves but will make you try it out as well.

4-They never ask for money back: Saudis are very kind, caring and possess sympathy. They have big hearts. They never ask to return their money once they give it away to someone.

5-Protective: Besides the modernized society of the Kingdom, Saudis still hold a conservative mind for their families and this makes them very possessive and concerned about their friends and family. 

6-Straight Forward: Saudis usually have simple nature. They like simplified things with no politics or diplomacy. They are mostly straightforward.

7-Respect for women: Saudi males have respect for women in their family from the core of their heart. Males are considered as the family supporter in Saudi-Arabia who takes care of everything in the family.

In a nutshell, Saudi Arabia is modernized but is still a reflection of its rich culture, customs, and traditions which principally is based on the strong religious values and beliefs.

All Saudis practice Islam in the Kingdom which provides a complete guide for their personal, economic, political, legal and social lives.

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