7 Pros and Cons To Buy Facebook Page Likes

Facebook has a lot of users and is a great place for marketing. However, its organic reach has been decreasing over the past few years. When it comes to their social media initiatives, many businesses go for the easy route out. Usually, people tend to advise against buying likes or followers. However, it can also have its own advantages. You need to see if the pros outweigh the cons for you or not.

If so, then choosing to buy Facebook likes is a great way to start your page. Getting paid likes can be effective in boosting your interaction and engagement rate. To help you decide whether buying likes or not is the way to go for your business, we have compiled a list of 7 pros and cons.


1.     Great way to start:

When you are starting your page, buying likes is a great option. Because the more people like your page, the more frequently it will show up in their feeds. It is a great way to build a brand. Your brand will seem popular.

2.    Seem legitimate: 

If you have more likes, even fake, it will give a sense of legitimacy to your page. Your items and services will get fresh credibility and be easier to advertise and persuade thanks to a large number of likes. 

3.    Affordable:

Choosing to buy Instagram followers or Facebook likes is a more cost-effective option. It is also more convenient. It is a great investment for your marketing strategy. You can also increase your internet presence more efficiently.

4.    Email marketing: 

If you buy Facebook likes and followers, you can also try to improve your email marketing. When someone likes your Facebook page, they become a member of your fan club. You can email the people the new audience you gain.

5.    More website traffic:  

By buying likes, your page and post will be visible to that person’s friends list as well. Adding a Like button or URL can help you increase website traffic. Additionally, you may use this capability to raise more awareness about your brand.

6.    More exposure:

If you have more likes, your post will appear more frequently in the search results. Additionally, it also increases the probability of other people discovering your content.

7.     Wider reach: 

Having a lot of likes on your page will help you get a wider reach. Having a wider audience means that more individuals are likely to visit your website.  It encourages followers to spread the word about your page. 


1.    Reduce your organic reach: 

A major con of buying likes is that your engagement rate regarding comments and shares can be alarmingly low. As a result of this, your organic reach and visibility may suffer. If you buy Likes, the people who like your page are probably not interested in your content.

2.  Harm your credibility: 

If you have hundreds of thousands of likes per post as soon as you post them, it can harm your credibility. This is because people will just assume your page is fake because of the lack of engagement on it.

3.  May harm conversions:  

Buying likes can be a waste of money unless you know how to convert them into your customers or audience. Different bots are used to create likes on your page. Because of these bots, the conversion rates for your page will be low.

4.  No interaction: 

Most of the people who get paid to like your posts or page won’t engage with your brand. This is against Facebook’s main goal of creating interpersonal connections. Your business will not benefit if there is no engagement.

5.  Aren’t long-term:

After you buy likes, those people are unlikely to return to your page unless your content manages to stand out. This can harm the progress of your page in the long term. These people can also unfollow you or unlike the posts after a while.

6.  No feedback:

If you buy likes, you won’t get to go through the feedback that would be available with a real and genuine audience. Many of your network members will be able to tell you about their preferred type of content, and what interests them. As a result, you won’t get this kind of feedback if you buy Facebook likes.

7.   Fraud:  

When you buy likes, you need to be certain that you are not making this purchase from a scam or fraudulent site. You can look at the best sites to buy Instagram followers and likes or Facebook likes. Otherwise, the Facebook algorithm may blacklist your page.


As you can see from this list, buying Facebook likes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Like when you buy Instagram followers, buying Facebook likes can help make your company more visible. It’s best to buy these likes from reputable websites. You can go through the list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers to see which ones also offer Facebook likes. These websites offer a simple and secure way to buy likes. You may even get more genuine likes on Facebook by first buying likes.

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