6 most visited places of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

There are 6 places on the Earth that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ loved and visited the most in his lifetime. Here are the details;

Holy Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba was the favorite place of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ visited this place thousands of times before and after the revelation of Islam.

The reward of praying at Masjid al-Haram is 100,000 times more than the normal prayer. – Sunan Ibn Majah 1406

Holy Kaaba

Masjid al Nabawi

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to love the city of Madina so much that when he would see the city’s walls from far away, he would get excited so much that he would race up his camel towards the town.

The reward of praying at Masjid al-Nabawi is 50,000 times more than the normal prayer. – Sunan Ibn Majah 1413

Masjid Quba

Quba is the first mosque of Islam and like any other first thing, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to love this place too. 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: Whoever performs wudu in his house, then comes to Masjid Quba and offers one prayer therein, will have a reward like that for ‘Umrah.” – Sunan Ibn Majah 1412

Masjid Quba - ziyarat places to visit in Madina

Mount Uhud

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to love the place Mount Uhud. This is the very place where the battle of Uhud took place. There are 70 Sahaba buried there.

Once Prophet Muhammad ﷺ cast a glance at Uhud and said: Uhud is a mountain which loves us and we love it. – Sahih Muslim 1393b

Jannat ul Baqi

Jannat ul Baqi is the graveyard where more than 10,000 Sahaba are buried and therefore, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to love and visit this place often.

Jannat ul Baqi - ziyarat place to visit in Madina

Riaz ul Jannah

The area between the Minbar and the sacred chamber of Prophet Muhammad in Masjid al Nabawi is called Radwah or Riaz ul Jannah.

6 facts about Riaz ul Jannah

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Between my house and my pulpit there is a garden of the gardens of Paradise, and my pulpit is on the fountain tank (i.e. Al-Kauthar).” Sahih al-Bukhari 1196

Source: Saudi Gazette

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