7 Irritating Habits of Egyptians living in Saudi Arabia

Although around 1 million Egyptians live in Saudi Arabia, you will find them in almost each and every company.  They are contributing a lot to the economic progress of Saudi Arabia with their human resource. Unlike other nationalities, you will find Egyptians at all levels of management hierarchy from director level to general labor.

Arabic is their national language which gives them an advantage over other nationalities like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

However, just like any other nationality, I am going to discuss some irritating habits of Egyptians living in Saudi Arabia. It does not mean that all Egyptians have these habits but most of them do have them.

01-Involved in Company Politics: If you have Egyptian workforce in your company, you will agree to the fact that they are involved in politics. Well, everyone is involved in Politics but Egyptians are one step ahead of everyone.

02-English Accent: When they speak English, it is very difficult to understand them. They cannot pronounce “D”. They call it “Z”. Like they call Pyramid as Pyramiz. They cannot pronounce “J” they call it “G”.

If they have to say Japan, they will say “Gapan”. I have been working in a company where the Egyptian workforce constitutes 20% of total manpower. Believe me, their English accent is the most difficult to understand.

03-Very vocal and Loud Speaking: Egyptians speak so loud that sometimes it is difficult to understand if they are fighting or making fun of each other. Due to their loud accent, sometimes they take credit of others. Even if there is no valid point in their argument, they take advantage due to a high pitch of their voice.

04-Egyptians Support Egyptians: Everyone supports its own people; it is human nature. But when we talk about Egyptians, they go beyond all levels to support their people.

Sometimes they support their own people even when they don’t qualify for the job. If one Egyptian is placed in a good place in an organization, you can expect many others within no time.

05-They want to Control Everything: Egyptians try to control everything even if it does not come in their area of responsibilities. In this way, they want to have an advantage over others

06-They don’t open to others: As I said earlier, they want to control everything; they also don’t want to open up to others. If you ask them something about the way they are performing their job, they try to keep it secret as it is a scientific formula.

I have lived in France for many years and they are entirely opposite to them. I found French people very open to everything.

07-They speak, even when they don’t know the answer: You are talking about a scientific formula, and the Egyptian sitting in front of you is an expert in Finance. But you cannot expect him to remain silent. He will speak about it even if he knows nothing about it.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.