7 features of Pi smartphone by Tesla

Elon Musk’s Tesla is constantly innovating, and it seems like the company has yet another innovation up its sleeve – the Pi smartphone. According to ardent Tesla followers on the internet, the Pi phone will be the most futuristic smartphone ever made. However, there’s still no official word from Tesla’s representatives or Musk about when the phone will be released for purchase.

Despite the lack of any official confirmation, Tesla followers are convinced that the phone is well on its way, and Musk is biding his time, waiting for the right time to announce its launch. No matter what happens, it’ll be fun to keep an eye out for the smartphone as more rumors emerge and Tesla posts big sales. In the meantime, we’ll take you through all the futuristic features that the Pi smartphone is set to boast of.

Tesla's Model Pi, according to rumors, is set to be the most advanced and futuristic smartphone of all time.

Pi smartphone – the features

Before we start this section, we’d like to remind you that none of the following features have yet been confirmed by Musk or Tesla. So, if there’s any feature missing on the phone after its launch, don’t tell us we misinformed you. For the time being, these features are nothing more than mere speculations:

  • Compatibility with Tesla automobiles: Tesla’s automobiles have received widespread praise and acclaim for their advanced features, and the Pi smartphone is all set to be compatible with the Apple car of Tesla. The smartphone is likely to enable owners of Tesla cars to control their vehicles through an app or a bluetooth connection.
  • Neuralink: Neuralink is another brainchild of Elon Musk, and the company is putting in a lot of work into making it possible for computers to be connected to the human brain. If this feature is available in the Pi smartphone, it’s set to allow users to issue commands to their phones without actually touching it. All the phone would need to operate is to receive signals from the brain. Of course, in the initial stages, the Neuralink capabilities of the phone are likely to be limited, i.e., you can’t do too much with it. However, with more and more advancements in technology, it’s set to revolutionize our use of mobile phones in the years to come.
  • Starlink internet: Starlink is the satellite internet service of Elon Musk’s pet project, SpaceX. This internet service, instead of being reliant on towers, is driven by satellites. The purpose of this service is simple – to make high-speed internet connectivity a reality for people living in the most remote regions of the world. Speculation suggests that this feature is set to make the Pi phone usable even on the distant planet of Mars. Starlink internet connectivity is also growing. At present, approximately 1,600 Starlink satellites are in orbit. In the years ahead, the number is set to grow exponentially due to Tesla’s use of reusable rockets, which are significantly cheaper to launch than brand new rockets.
  • Solar charging: The Pi phone is also likely to feature solar charging. If this turns out to be true, this would eliminate the need for owners to look for physical charging ports for charging their phones. Instead, all they would need to charge their batteries is to head out into the sun.
  • Cryptocurrency features: Cryptocurrencies are getting bigger with each passing day. However, they still remain out of reach for many because of their high computing requirements. Mining cryptocurrencies is an expensive affair, and even after assembling the most expensive rigs, there’s no guarantee of profitability. The Pi smartphone is set to change all that by allowing users to mine cryptocurrencies on the phone itself. This is arguably the most ambitious feature, but we still don’t know how this would exactly work.
  • Four cameras: The Pi smartphone will probably feature 4 cameras, which makes for news that’s sure to excite mobile photography enthusiasts. While the Apple iPhone has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the mobile photography experience, there’s no reason why Tesla’s smartphone won’t match up to (or go beyond) what Apple has been able to offer.
  • Color-changing skin: The skin of the Pi smartphone will likely boast of a color-changing feature, which will come as a boon for those who love to customize their devices. To customize phones’ appearance nowadays, users have to rely on changing phone covers and cases. However, the Pi smartphone will certainly shake things up on the customization front if this feature turns out to be true.

Where did the rumors of the Pi phone come from?

The rumors of a Tesla smartphone have been doing the rounds for a long time now. Customers of the company and its admirers around the world have always found it a bit perplexing as to how Tesla hasn’t yet launched a smartphone. However, certain cues from Elon Musk and Tesla have contributed to the rumors gathering momentum.

For instance, back in 2013, Elon Musk stated that he would like to die on Mars. Since then, the rumors have kept getting stronger and stronger. Right now, Tesla followers around the globe feel that it’s only a matter of time before the company announces the launch of the Pi smartphone.

Initially, the rumors suggested that the smartphone would be launched in November 2021. However, it’s December already, and it looks unlikely for the smartphone to be launched this year. The more likely scenario is that the phone will be released sometime in 2022. Ultimately, we’ll all have to eventually wait for an official confirmation from Tesla and its boss, Elon Musk.

In Conclusion

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