7 facts about the Door of the Holy Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba is the holiest site for all Muslims around the world. However, there are still many things that even Muslims do not know about the Holy Kaaba. We have covered a detailed article about this issue earlier with the name of 13 Sights of Holy Kaaba you should know about. In this article, we shall only talk about the Facts every Muslim should know about the Door of the Holy Kaaba.[irp]

1-Ever since it had been created, up till today, it is hailed as one of the biggest mysteries in history. We are talking about the door of the Holy Kaaba. There is currently no documentation which could verify the original form or initial shape of the door, or even what the builders of the door looked like.

2-There is one fact that is indisputable in history and that is; the Holy Kaaba had two doors for a long period of time. Components from the older doors of the holy Kaaba have been kept in some museums as part of Islamic treasure. We have covered some details of the Oldest Door of the Holy Kaaba in another article.

3-Currently, the door of the Holy Kaaba rises two meters and 20 centimeters above the ground of the Grand Mosque. The total height of the door of the Holy Kaaba is recorded at three meters and 18 centimeters. The thickness of the door, which includes breadth and height, is measured in at 222 centimeters long and 171 centimeters wide.


4-Tending to the door of the Holy Kaaba is a huge honor which has been bestowed upon several Islamic leaders in different eras in history. These Islamic leaders would also write their name under the 99 names of Allah. The Islamic leaders also did not spare the expense of any silver or gold when it came to the door of the Holy Kaaba.

5-The key of the door to the Holy Kaaba is tended to by the Al Shaiba family, who are the keepers of the key to the Kaaba according to the will of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The custody of the key is always with the eldest of the Al Shaiba family.

The Al Shaiba clean the Holy Kaaba and the shrine of Prophet Ibrahim with rose water and do so with the Governor who initiates the cleaning process. Recommended: Holy Kaaba’s Key is in the custody of Othman’s Family since Prophet’s S.A.W time

6-The door of the Holy Kaaba had been commissioned by the late King Khaled Bin Abdul Aziz. It is consisting of gold blocks which were manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. King Khaled’s name along with verses from the Quran has been engraved on the door.

7-The door of the Holy Kaaba is considered sacred for more than 1.5 billion people around the world. The rest of the world looks at the door with respect and appreciate the great beauty.

The Holy Kaaba is considered one of the most venerated places for the Muslim people. It is due to this that the cleaning and maintenance and restoration process of all components of the Holy Kaaba are done with such extreme care and caution. The Holy Kaaba is clad in the most exquisite silk and has also been fitted with a door made out of gold.

Source: Al Arabiya

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