8 Types of people who can use VIP lounges at Saudi Airports free of cost

Every airport has specific VIP areas which can only be visited by special persons and personnel related to specific categories. These lounges are luxurious and have a number of facilities. However, it is not possible for every passenger to enter these lounges.

Saudi Arabia also has VIP lounges in all of its major airport but same like international airports. Only special category people can visit these areas. Recently the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued 7 types of people who can visit these VIP lounges without any charge. 

1-Royal Family: The top and first category which can visit these lounges is definitely the Royal family. Princes and their families including their children, wife (wives) and everyone who is in the royal family.

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2-Relatives of the Royal Family: The second category again belongs to the royal family but it is for the people who are related to the royal family but not royal. 

For example, any person belonging to their in-laws are allowed to visit these lounges without any restriction along with two other main beneficiaries even if they are not royal.

3-Presidents of all GCC countries: The third category belongs to the presidents of all GCC countries along with their families including their wives, husbands, children, and parents even if they are not royal.

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4-Ministers of Saudi Arabia: The fourth category belongs to the sitting Ministers of KSA and other key personnel of major departments and ministries of Saudi Arabia.

It also includes the members of Supreme Judicial Council, members of the Supreme Court, members of the Council of Senior Scholars, heads of investigation and public prosecution bodies, presidents of Appeals Courts and officers of the rank of colonel.

The retirees of all these departments and army generals are also allowed even after their retirement along with their wives and children below the age of 25 years. They visit the lounges along with their unmarried daughters regardless of their ages and with parents and two other beneficiaries.

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5-Imams of the Grand Mosques: Under the fifth category of GACA list, imams of the Grand Mosque and all other members who are associated with Shoura Council along with their families including wives, children, and parents are included.

6-The government officers: The sixth category includes the government officers in the 15th rank or above including heads of the diplomatic mission, officers of the ranks of brigadier and ambassadors in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with their families.

7-Ambassadors serving the Kingdom: The seventh category as per GACA instructions include ambassadors serving in the Kingdom, their representatives and consular and military attaché serving in the Kingdom can visit VIP lounges of all airports along with their families free of charge or any other restriction.

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8-Credit Cardholders: If you are holding a credit card of a bank in Saudi Arabia which allows the access to VIP lounge (as most of the banks offer), you are entitled to enter the VIP lounge free of cost.

However, the number of people allowed to enter is limited to the number of credit cards you have. One credit card entitles only one person to enter the VIP lounge.

Source: Arab News

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