7 Best Restaurants in Jeddah to visit on a weekend

If you like most people enjoy good food, then you are a foodie, and the common struggle of a foodie is to decide where to eat out, so here is a short guide for all you foodies in Jeddah.

Jeddah is probably home to hundreds of restaurants which cater to every type of palate out there.

Some restaurants are however not only a place to eat but to also experience an entirely new culture while also trying out new cuisines, one such example of this would be the Al Khayam which is in the Hilton Hotel.

Below you will find a list of restaurants in Jeddah, which provide exquisite service and great taste and which should be visited by you and your family.

Habsburg Restaurant located in Rosewood Hotel: Habsburg restaurant serves international cuisine and allows for people to experience something new. Newly married couples also frequent the restaurant due to its atmosphere.

Those visiting the Habsburg Restaurant get to enjoy the view of the Red Seas and the cornice while the chefs at the restaurants offer an exquisite menu. It is recommended to book in advance.

Al Safina Restaurant, Hilton Hotel: Al Safina restaurant serves varying cuisines from traditional to international. The restaurant adjusts its menu according to the months such as Ramadan.

Visitors to the restaurant will enjoy a unique atmosphere due to the unique wooden tables, as well as the outdoor seating offered by the restaurant.

Views Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel: The Views restaurant offers an open buffet on certain days which offers international cuisines, whereas Menu orders consisting of a variety of cuisines are available all the time.

The Views Restaurant is located right at the end of the lobby where it overlooks the pool area of the Hotel and is decorated with French windows all around the restaurant.

Shababik Lebanese Restaurant: The Shababik restaurant is known for their tasty food and it would be an excellent choice to visit the restaurant during the weekend.

However, it is always booked completely so if you want to visit on the weekend it’s better to book by mid-week. The restaurant boasts an exquisite menu and an extensive beverage menu.

Steak House, Jeddah: The Steak House is recommended for all those who do not want to visit a very expensive restaurant. Along with the steaks, the soups and salads at the restaurant are also extremely tasty.

Al Dawar Al-Masry Restaurant: For those people who like Egyptian food, or would like to try it, this place is a must go. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Red Sea Mall which serves many traditional Egyptian dishes.

For families visiting the restaurant, there is also a play area for the children right next to the restaurant so that the whole family can enjoy.

Bab Al Yemen Restaurant: The Bab Al Yemen Restaurant serves a variety of dishes which are native to Yemen. The restaurant is located on the Ahmed Al Attas Street near the Shati Market in Zahra District, Jeddah.

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