9 Best Pet and Vet clinics in Jeddah

Pets do need care and medical assistance, only a good vet can allow your pet to have easy and healthy days. Here are some of the best pet care and the vet or veterinary clinics in Jeddah.

  1. European Veterinary Clinic

European Veterinary clinic is regarded as one of the best veterinary clinics for pet care in Jeddah. It has been equipped with specialized vet doctors and equipment.

According to the people, they welcome their customers in the best manner. They take care of pets in the most professional manner. Dr.Carlos is considered the best doctor in Jeddah for pets.

  • Phone: +966 12 667 6330
  • European Veterinary clinic Location.

European Veterinary Clinic in Jeddah

  1. Happy Pet Vet Clinic

Happy Pet vet clinic is one of the best in Jeddah for pet care. They have the best décor that allows the pets to feel most comfortable. They have good receptionists, yet they haven’t started online appointments which makes you wait a lot in the waiting room. You may call before heading there, but the clinic is almost always full.

The consultation fee for cats is 105 SR ($28), for dogs is 126 SR ($34), and 81 SR ($22) for birds. You can find a wide range of pets, their accessories, food, and toys in abundance there.

  • Happy Pet Vet Clinic Location.
  • Phone: 012 616 4030

Happy Pet vet clinic in Jeddah

  1. Royal Pet Veterinary Clinic

Royal Pet Veterinary Clinic is one of the finest veterinary clinics for pet care. Although their services are great, their charges are also too high. It is considered one of the most expensive in the city of Jeddah.

  • Phone: 050 477 0990
  • Royal Pet Veterinary Clinic Location.

  1. IAC Center

IAC Center is a place in Jeddah where you can get it all: pet, pet care, pet hotel, pet hospital, and pet shop. One of the best parts is that they have private rooms where you can have “pet time”. You can move to that room, play with any pet or your pet, and that too for free!

  • Phone: 012 288 9771
  • IAC Center Location.

  1. Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic

Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic has it all: good services, great staff, pets, and pet food which makes it one of the best veterinary clinics for pet care in Jeddah. All that too at affordable prices.

They are best known for their good services and for providing pet food at the most affordable prices. The atmosphere there is calm, and the staff is super friendly, yet some people haven’t had a good hospital experience there.

  • Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic Location.
  • Phone: +966 12 669 5554

Tahlia International Veterinary Clinic in Jeddah

  1. Alhamra Pet Care Clinic

Alhamra vet and pet care clinic are known best for their emergency cases. If you have an ill pet and not getting a timely appointment, you shall rush towards Alhamra Pet Care Clinic. The Clinic has a good staff that would surely listen to all your problems.

  • Phone: 054 547 7883
  • Alhamra Vet and Pet Care Clinic Location.

  1. Specialized veterinary clinic

Customers in Jeddah are quite satisfied with Specialized veterinary clinic services and pet handling techniques. The staff is friendly, and they know well about tackling pet issues.

One of the customers revealed that he was very worried about his pet dog and had lost hope, yet the doctor here was so efficient that they diagnosed the disease right away and the dog became healthy all over!

  • Phone: 050 535 8638
  • Specialized Veterinary Clinic Location.

Specialized veterinary clinic in Jeddah

  1. Alaa Pet Clinic

Alaa Pet Clinic is a nice, cozy, and clean one. The doctors there are giving useful tips about handling pets. The charges are reasonable, and their services are exceptional. Probably, this is one of the value-for-money veterinary clinics for pet care in Jeddah.

  • Phone: 050 477 0990
  • Alaa Pet Clinic Location

Alaa Pet Clinic in Jeddah

  1. Al Waleed Veterinary Clinic

Looking for a good, reasonable, and professional pet and vet clinic in Jeddah? Well, Al Waleed Veterinary Clinic is the cheapest we have for you. Equipped with specialized doctors and staff, this is a pet clinic that is giving you its best.

  • Phone: 053 463 4607
  • Al Waleed Veterinary Clinic Location.

Al Waleed Veterinary Clinic in Jeddah

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