7 bad answers to common job interview questions which may lead to rejection

After completing the requirements for a job, the entering step for candidates towards getting the job is the interview. It is not an easy procedure for candidates as professional interviewers daily take hundreds of interviews which get to be the reason for rejection.

Sometimes the interviewers also find it difficult to ask questions from job candidates which they can easily understand and answer properly.  Interviewers go through the interview process on daily basis, more than the candidates. So, many of the replies are common for them.[irp]

Silly and unrelated answers should be avoided by the candidates. You should understand the question before answering that what kind of information the interviewer wants from you. Many recruiters, managers and other interview experts shared their thoughts and advised to avoid the following answers.

1-Tell me about yourself? A Candidate should avoid details of his family and health as it is irrelevant to discuss. The interviewers believe that you can do the particular job so do not give any explanations regarding your personal life. Be confident and relax. Tell them about your work experiences, qualifications, achievements and why you want this job, your personality, interests, and hobbies.

2-Tell me what do you know about our company? Before coming for the interview, the candidate should study the company profile where he is applying. It will help him in preparing for such types of questions. Talk about the products services of the company, target market, publicity, model or business-related information.

3-What is your greatest strength? Avoid straight answering. Do not tell them about your qualities. It does not make you unique. Be specific and with experiences tell the interviewer that you have good communicational skills, have strong ability to develop the connection with departments and develop relationships.

4-What are your weaknesses? Avoid sentences like “I am hardworking or I am a perfectionist”. These are your weaknesses which you believe is your strength. A candidate should be honest. Share honestly that what you need to develop, how you know it, about feedbacks and how the things get better. Your answer should be best which shows that you’re a continuous learner.

5-Where you see yourself in five years? Mostly the candidates say that they see themselves doing this job because they think it shows devotion and assurance towards the company but that’s unprofessional. The interviewer doesn’t want to know your wish list where you want to be.

He wants to know what will you do to be in that position. A better answer would be “I will research the various departments within the company and see where there may be an opportunity to branch out.”.

6-Why do you want to work in our company? Avoid funny answers like “I want to work here because I need this job”. To get the job you have to give genuine reasons as to why a company should hire you. Tell the interviewer that you want to work on new projects on which they are working. Tell them that you are confident and you can learn and grow here.

7-Why should I hire you for this position? Here passion does not help you as a candidate. You should respond appropriately to this question. Discuss and demonstrate your results and achievements which you got from other companies.

Source: Business Insider

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