60 Gay men and crossdressers are under trial in Jeddah

60 cases of transvestitism and homosexuality: The Jeddah Criminal Court has dealt with around 60 cases of transvestitism and homosexuality in the recent months. This news was reported by the Al Watan daily quoting a source in the court.

All those individuals who have been found guilty of these crimes had been sentenced to lashing and imprisonment, however, none of the offenders have been given a death sentence.

Boys caught dating with Boys wearing Girls' dresses: In this latest case related to transvestitism, the HAIA or Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice had arrested a group of 5 young men who were sitting at a local restaurant.

The HAIA force had been informed about 3 girls casually sitting with two young men inside the restaurant. All 3 of the girls had not been donning the Abaya (the long outer garment which is worn by the women of the region), and they had also put on makeup, the source stated.

The Inspectors from HAIA who had arrived at the restaurant to arrest the group realized that the three supposed girls, who had been reported to be seated with young men, were, in fact, young men themselves who had worn female clothing and makeup.

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They pierced their ears and shaved off their legs: The group of young men tried to evade their arrest however their attempts were futile. The Inspectors from the scene stated that the three transvestites had shaved off their legs, arms, and faces.

Along with this they had also pierced their ear, manicured their fingernails and also pumped up their lips. The source stated that the men had claimed that they suffered from a medical condition which made them have female hormones and produced a medical report to support the claim.

No defined term of imprisonment in the Law: The transvestite was sentenced to a prison term of 4 months along with 100 lashes, while the rest of the group is still on trial. Nasr Al Yamani, a former judge stated that these types of cases have no defined sentence and it has been left up to the judge and their analysis of the individual case.

Each case is unique. Some of the men have homosexual tendencies, some have psychological illnesses and some are in the process of transitioning into the opposite sex. Those with psychological issues are admitted to a mental hospital.

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The punishment could even be Death Sentence: Those offenders without any psychological condition and have been proven as practicing homosexuals, then they will be penalized in accordance with the law. He also added that the penalty varies from death to imprisonment depending on the particulars of each case.

Gender Correction Surgeries: A plastic surgeon at the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, Dr. Yasser Jamal has stated that he has performed around 850 gender correction surgeries spanned across his 32-year career. He added that he has performed these gender correction surgeries for females as well as males.

Those people who are performing these surgeries without having any valid reason are violating the teachings of Islam. However, there are such patients who go through these gender correction surgeries due to the fact that they have clear signs showing that they are actually of the opposite gender.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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