6 Tips on Packing Clothes for a Move

Packing clothes while moving a house is one of the biggest pains of moving. The thought of moving all of those clothes in your closets and drawers from one place to another is scary. Keeping the clothes wrinkle-free and clean during packing and moving is one of the main issues of moving clothes and then comes the issue of keeping your clothes organized when moving.

This task seems so daunting to some people that they consider hiring packers to do the job. But there are certain ways of packing clothes by following which you can easily pack. So here are some tips and tricks that will make sure that your clothes packing goes as smoothly as possible during your move.

5236 6 Tips on Packing Clothes for a Move

  1. Make a moving checklist

First and foremost, you must create a moving checklist that must have all the things to do, related to your move. You must ensure that you include packing clothes as a task with all the details to ensure you do not leave anything behind.

  1. Sort them out

Sort your clothes properly well before the moving day if you want to keep your clothes well organized during the moving process. This can save you time, money and energy as you will be saved from the hassle of unpacking and discovering that you don’t know where a particular item of clothing is. Get rid of the clothes you won’t need if you’re moving to a different climate or from the country.

Remove the clothes that are out of fashion, that you or your children have outgrown, that are worn out or torn, and that doesn’t suit your style and that you never wear. You can consider selling these extra clothes in a garage sale, online, or to vintage shops. You can also donate those to charity if they still look appealing and isn’t junk. And if they do not look worth wearing and are ripped or damaged, just throw them out.

  1. Make stacks

Group your clothes according to season, materials, size and need and pack them separately. It will not only ease the process of packing but will also be very helpful while arranging clothes in the closets of your new house.

  1. Pack the dresser as it is

Don’t empty the dresser. Pack it as it is and tape all the drawers properly. This way, you will be saved from the hassle of packing and unpacking all the clothes placed in the dresser. You can use wardrobe boxes to pack hang clothes or just fold them on the hanger and pack them in a garbage or vacuum bags and all you will have to do while unpacking is remove them from the box or bag and hang them again.

5. Stuff the suitcases

Instead of taking along empty suitcases and travel bags, pack your clothes in them. It will save packing material and will enable the proper use of bags and suitcases.

  1. Use plastic wraps

Consider using plastic wraps to pack clothes as they can be wrapped to the exact length of your hanging clothes and can be used to secure and protect clothes in drawers. The plastic wraps come handy to tightly wrap the exact number of clothes you want in them. Plastic sheets can be used in the same way, but they don’t offer most of the same benefits.

Using sheets to wrap clothes is an easy way to pack as they are easy to carry and aren’t slippery. Just simply spread a sheet on your bed and place layers of clothes on top of it. You can start with larger items and the then smaller ones and then, wrap the sheet around the clothes and tie it tightly. These are some of the tips that movers offer to make your house move successful.

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