6 things to know before getting breast reduction surgery in Saudi Arabia

Even though most women go for breast implantation for enhancing their breast size, but that is not always the case. Those women who have large and heavy breast feel uncomfortable with them and want them to be reduced.

Heavy breasts can cause both physical and physiological distress. Heavy breasts can also cause pain in lower back, shoulders, and necks. Women with heavy breasts get undue attention. Their prominent breasts caught the attention of others and make women feel uncomfortable.

Women opt for the breast reduction as it can provide them with confidence, physiological relief, and physical comfort. But before you make your mind for a breast reduction, you must be equipped with certain necessary information. Here are those 5 things that women who wish to opt for breast reduction shall know:

1-Breast reduction can reduce breast size up to a limit: A breast reduction surgery can surely reduce your breast size, but to a limit only. Women with heavy breast often assume that a breast surgery would result with breasts of their ideal size.

But the truth is that only limited amount of tissues are removed from the breast so that no complications arise. A successful breast reduction surgery will produce breasts that are balanced and that are according to the body structure.

You need to have realistic expectations from the surgery because if you have unrealistic ones, you won’t be satisfied even after a successful surgery.

2-Know your options: There are types of incision that can be employed for breast reduction surgery. You need to consult your surgeon if you require a liposuction, inverted T pattern or a lollipop incision.  The latter two would leave a scar on breasts.

You need to know why your surgeon is asking for the specific surgery. Until you are satisfied with the reason he gives, don’t opt for a surgery.

3-You May Not Be Able to Breastfeed: During the surgery, there is a chance of damaging or reducing the Milk duct. This can cause low milk production and difficulty in breastfeeding. Women are advised to go for a breast reduction surgery once their family is completed.

Breast size changes and enhances after pregnancy, thereby nullifying the effect of surgery. However, in a case where physical pain and physiological distress is severe, go for a surgery.

4-Time is required for optimal results:  A surgery requires time to give out results. The tissues need time to recover and as time passes you will notice that your breasts are coming into shape and size. However, 6-12 months are required to produce optimal results. So relax and see positive changes with time!

5-Be prepared of the risk of another surgery in Future: You might have to go for another surgery in future especially if you have a surgery in your 20’s as you might go through hormonal changes and pregnancy.

6-Scars on the Breast: You might end up with scars on your breast. Development of scars is not because of surgeon mistake rather they develop because of skin type and type of surgery.

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