6 Things every unmarried girl wants to tell her Parents

  1. It is not your fault, so don’t worry

All the family friends, as well as cousins, will keep on asking you as to why I have not married yet and their borderline vile expressions will make you feel as if you have failed some responsibility of being a parent. What you need to know is that it is not your fault at all.

As a parent, you have raised a child, and there is no written rule which states that is the core responsibility of a parent to get their children married by a set time.

  1. I would rather remain single than settle

Though I know that currently, I am at an age where people have somehow assumed that my “options are limited”. However, I have, to be honest, I would rather remain single (in control of my life) or choose any one of the limited options out of a fear that they will be further reduced as time goes by.

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  1. My time will also come

Though it may sound like the most cliché line that you may have ever heard, there is indeed surely a right and correct time for everything and it is up to us to work towards the right time. Perhaps it is best if you and I both accept that now is not my time and we should all just let nature take its course and wait for my time.

  1. Yes, I know I am not getting any younger

There is no need to inform me time and time again about my body clock and my age. Society, backaches and the mirror already serve as an ample reminder and notification every day.

However, one thing which I have learned over time with age is that age is not an indicator of personal growth and maturity. How you feel inside is what determines the life which you lead.

  1. I am not at all against marriage

Just because I do not like any of the men being showcased to me, does not mean that I am against the idea or institution of marriage or I am a man-hater. In the same way having an ambitious professional life does not at all mean that I have given up on my personal life.

3416 6 Things every unmarried girl wants to tell her Parents 01

  1. Thank you for raising me as an independent person

Most of all, I would like to thank you sincerely for bringing me up to be an independent and brave woman with a strong sense of self-identity. Thank you for the constant reminder through my adolescent and childhood years that whatever I want to do I can do it. Thank you for teaching me to recognize myself worth and respecting myself.

Thank you for raising me surrounded with laughter and love so that I can brush off anything which society might throw my way. Thank you for being there for me and being yourself.

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