6 things about Sexual Harassment Law every Adult should know

01-Sexual Harassment is a Criminal Act: With the increasing number of sexual harassment incidents, The Saudi Shoura recently approved a bill and criminalized sexual harassment. This new anti-harassment law will help all the individual to live their life free of fear.

The spokesman of Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said the new law was approved by the Council of Ministers meeting last Tuesday will combat sexual harassment in the Kingdom which is considered a crime according to the Islamic Law.

It is expected that it will lower sexual harassment crime in the Kingdom. This Law will criminalize sexual harassment which is defined as words or action that hint at sexually and is delivered from one person to another which harms the person mentally as well as physically and also harms the modesty or honor of that person in any way.

02-Sexual Harassment on Social Media: It can also be through the use of modern means including social media.  Al Turki further explained that there are many people who use fake names on social media to harass people and think that they won’t be identified or tracked.

If there are documents and evidence, action will be taken. Beside all these explicit emoji will also be considered harassment expect rose emoji.

This law is very clear anything that is sexually related or within the sexual context will be taken into consideration.  Everyone understand what sexual harassment is and we as Muslims are raised with Islamic values.

03-How to Report Sexual Harassment? It is must for a person who has been subjected to harassment or who has witnessed any sort of sexual harassment should immediately inform the competent authorities.

You can report harassment by calling a hotline number (999911996) or through “Kulluna Amn” application or at the police station.

04-The punishment for Harassment? The most severe cases will face a prison term up to five years and a maximum penalty of SR300,000 ($80,000). While lower cases will face the punishment for up to 2 years imprisonment and a minimum penalty of SR100,000.

The most severe cases will be of those who harass people with special needs and children below 18 years. Besides this incident that has been reported more than once will be subjected to maximum punishment. The Public Prosecution will have the right to give out the punishment depending on the crime committed.

Fines paid by the harassers will not go to the harassed person. The most important aspect will be that justice has been witnessed by the harassed. The investigation between the two individuals will be called on evidence and Public Prosecution will conclude if there is or is not harassment.

05-Protection of Privacy of the people harassed: There are several people who are hesitant to report harassment because of their consequences to privacy but this law will also protect the privacy of the harassed person and will also confidently provide protection to the harassed.

Al Turki said no statics are available on the incidence of sexual harassment because of past unwillingness to report the violation.

06-The Law is applied on Both Genders: The sexual harassment crime was under the confidence law and people use to report less and this is why this law has been provided in order to protect the identity of the harassed and help him to come forward and report such incidents. Beside this, this law is applied to both genders.

Source: Arab News

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