6 Strange dowry requests made by Saudi fathers from their son-in-law

In sub-continent side, dowry is supposed to be arranged by the bride’s parents and considered as an essential portion of marriage that needs to be brought with the bride, whereas in Arab culture, the opposite is true. In Arab tradition, the groom is liable to pay expensive dowries when they decide to get married.

However, many Saudi fathers believe that the basic and utmost principle in a happy marriage is based on moral values and trust. Trust is an essential component of marriage without which one cannot carry on with the relation for long. No marriage will go smoothly without trust.[irp]

Recently, some fathers of brides in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are seen demanding for simple dowry. There are lots of simple dowry cases reported in the Kingdom. Here we are going to highlight some simple yet unique dowry cases

1-A while back, a video became viral on social media in which a Saudi father, who was residing in Jazan region, asked a 26-year-old young man to Memorize the Holy Quran to get married with his daughter. The young groom complied the request and memorized the Holy Quran and then got married to his daughter.

2-Another dowry request made by another father was the one in which he proposed to the groom that he should pay Dowry of SR 2 to be able to marry his daughter. The father further stated that in religion Islam, the process of marriage is simple and smooth.

3-Similarly, a father requested the groom for only 10 Saudi riyals as a dowry in Abha. The father’s only demand was that the money should be paid in the new currency. According to a known source, this simple dowry was requested to break the stereotype and set an example to end the custom of expensive dowry which is a leading cause of delayed marriages, as fathers need time to collect dowry.

4-Another dowry case is the one in which the Saudi father made no demand for dowry.  He just asked the groom to arrange a dinner. The father also gave the newly wedded couple a villa as he does not like that the newly wedded couple start their new journey of life in debt.

5-Another unique example of dowry set by Saudi father is by requesting the groom to memorize Surat al-Mulk.

6-Although besides all the simple dowry requests, there is one very weird dowry request which you might be shocked and amazed to hear. It was made by a Saudi bride herself.

She asked the groom to get her spiny-tailed lizards and about 300. A condition was kept by her as well that he should catch these lizards without seeking help from anyone.

Surprisingly, the groom managed to fulfill her request and get her 100 lizards after working hard for three months. The girl then stated that the aim of this strange request was just to test how much the groom was loyal and sincere to her. Although, the groom held great fear from lizards he still completed his bride’s demand. So, we need to break such dowry traditions and make our lives simple.

Source: Al Arabiya

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