6 Scientifically proven benefits of Wudu or Ablution

Muslims are obliged to perform Wudu before holding their prayers. A wudu is a simple procedure whereby a Muslim shall wash his defined body parts. The religion of Islam is based on purity on heart, mind, and body. Every rule of Islam has a rationale and the same is the case with Wudu as there are many benefits of Wudu or ablution.

Before holding prayers, one shall thereby purify themselves with water so that no impurity is attached to them. There are many scientific benefits of performing Wudu. The spiritual benefits are on one side, yet there are plenty of scientific benefits as well.

1-Wudu is a body refreshment practice

An ablution tends to refresh your body. As Muslims we shall follow sunnah and shall sleep while we are in Wudu: this means that we shall perform ablution at night, offer the Isha prayers and then sleep.

This will help you get a perfect sleep. Today yoga experts preach that people shall wash their body parts such as hand, feet, arms, and genitals before sleeping with cold water so that their body gets refreshed and they get a perfect sleep at night!

2-Wudu is a hydro-based reflex therapy

Chinese Reflex therapy is one of the most relaxing therapies which uses water to massage the BAS-Biological Active Sports. Wudu is also a hydro-based reflex therapy as it tends to fasten the body’s biological rhythms notably the BAS.

3-Wudu is microbic disease protection

Washing nose with water helps purify nose from dust and harmful microbes. The study reveals that people who perform wudu were free from such harmful microbes in their nose while those who didn’t house many.

4-Wudu Activates blood circulation

we know that arms are near to heart than the legs. When we wash our arms and perform an easy exercise, we are stimulating are blood circulation in the body. This makes a person feel active and energetic. 

5-Wudu is a defense against diseases like pneumonia

Most of the children (about 50%) in Pakistan got affected with pneumonia as they do not wash their hands. The study suggests that only if people wash their hands they would not get affected with pneumonia and some respiratory and stomach infections.

6-Wudu is protection against systematic diseases

If you know the ablution procedure, you are aware that first, you need to wash your hands and then rinse the mouth. This way your mouth is rinsed with clean hands. Now, this practice is to ensure that food particles are ejected from mouth and mouth does not expel bad odor. Muslims also use the Miswaak to effectively clean their mouths.

This simply mouth rinsing during ablution is of benefits as it helps you stay away from systematic diseases. The research journal named ‘Systemic Diseases Caused by Oral Infection’, published by Clinical Microbiology suggests that those who do not take care of oral hygiene are vulnerable to diseases like Cardiovascular, Bacterial Pneumonia, Osteoporosis, Low Birth Weight and Diabetes-Related Complications i.e. the systematic diseases.

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