6 Rights of Newborn Baby to the Parents

Babies! Who doesn’t love babies? Babies are the most beautiful gift of God. Not only is the whole event of giving birth to a baby happening but it also gives us a reality check of how powerful Allah is to create a human body out of nothing but a pea-sized cell.

As soon as you hold this little baby in your arms, you realize how beautiful life is and you tend to forget all your worries for that one specific moment. Everything seems wonderful as you have now become a parent but with great power comes great responsibility!

Islam throws light on how deeply important it is for parents to take care of a newborn, be it in the sense of cleanliness, prayers or even greeting him or her.

  1. The name of the Baby

The first responsibility is to choose a name. The name is supposed to be nothing but perfect because it will affect the entire personality of that child. The name is also the first source of an impression after greeting someone.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us how it is extremely important for parents to choose names with respectful meanings for their children. No bad name or name with an ugly meaning should be chosen for the child.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself has changed names with negatives meanings like Harb meaning war to Silm meaning peace.  According to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), ‘’ The most beloved of names to Allah are Abdullah and Abdul Rehman.’’ (Sahih Muslim). So, it is always preferred to name your sons either Abdullah or Abdul Rehman.  

The names of Muslim Boys such as Abdul Aziz, Abdul Raheem, and Abdul Lateef are also considered to be respectful as they depict being slaves and worshippers of Allah. Out of the names of the prophets, the best ones are Muhammad, Ibrahim, Moosa, North, and Eesa.

If you are looking for The Names of Muslim Girls, there are countless beautiful names that belong from the history of Islam such as, Hannah, Mariam, Fatima, Khadija, and Asya.

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  1. Call to Prayer in the Ears

After holding the baby, say the call to prayer in his or her ears as it is a declaration of faith and gives protection from the devil along with making the baby relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Tahneek

Then a small piece of the date first softened and then should be put into the baby’s mouth so that the baby starts moving his jaw and his mouth becomes more active, helping him during breastfeed by the mother.

1934 6 Rights of Newly Born Baby to the Parents according to Islam 03

  1. Shaving the Head

After this, the baby’s head should be clearly and carefully shaved on the seventh day and whatever the amount of weight of the hair is, the exact same should be given out to charity in the form of either silver or cash.

1934 6 Rights of Newly Born Baby to the Parents according to Islam 04

  1. Aqeeqah

It is Sunnah to slaughter a sheep and cook its meat and then distribute it to the poor ones and call relatives and close friends to eat the same meat. This event is called Aqeeqah.

Circumcision is very important for an infant boy and should be done carefully. Medical studies are also proving how this ritual is very healthy for boys after they grow up.

1934 6 Rights of Newly Born Baby to the Parents according to Islam 05

  1. Pray to Allah

Lastly, pray to Allah for the well-being of your child and raise him or her in the best possible manner. May Allah bless all the newborn children and give them a happy and wealthy life.

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