6 reasons you should stop praying Salah at home

Here we have listed six reasons to why we shall pray in mosques rather than praying at home. Muslim men shall always pray at the mosque, unless or until there is a vital reason behind praying at home. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W stressed upon the importance of praying at a mosque in the congregation.

  1. 27 Times Reward for praying at Masjid

According to an authentic Hadith, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W claimed that the reward of an obligatory prayer offered at a mosque is 27 times than the reward of a prayer offered individually.

There is also a hadith which claims that the reward of a prayer offered in congregation is 25 times than the individual prayer. Yet, the point is that congregational prayer is more rewarding than individual prayer.

  1. The Angels will pray for the person

One of the narrations by the Holy Prophet PBUH inform us that the Angels tend to pray for the one who remains in his prayer position so as long as he remains in Wudu’. The Angels continue praying: ‘O, Allah! Forgive him, O Allah! Have mercy on him.” (Hadith found in Sahih Al Bukhari)

  1. It is obligatory to pray at Masjid

Some scholars believe that praying at the mosque is obligatory. In the Quran, we have found that Allah has not only ordered Muslims to pray but to pray in congregation. Allah says, “bow down with those who bow down”. Thereby most of the Muslim scholars have assured that the Muslim males are obliged to pray in congregation.

However, some scholars hold a view that it is not compulsory for men to pray at the mosque, rather it is Sunnah. Even though it is just Sunnah, shouldn’t we follow the Sunnah?

  1. It is a safeguard from hypocrisy

The Hadith informs us that the hardest prayers to offer for hypocrites are the prayers of the Isha’ and Fajr. They avoid praying these prayers in congregation. Yet only if they knew the reward of praying these prayers in congregation, they would come crawling to the mosque for it.

Anas bin Malik narrated that :

Allah's Messenger said: “Whoever performs Salat for Allah for forty days in the congregation, catching the first Takbir, two absolutions are written for him: absolution from the Fire, and absolution from the Fire, and absolution from hypocrisy.” – Jami` at-Tirmidhi 241

  1. The reward of praying is equal to the reward of praying the whole night

A Hadith found in Tirmidhi assures that those who pray the Isha prayer in congregation, the reward for it is equal to praying half the night. And if the person then prays the Fajr prayer in congregation, then it is like he had prayed the whole night.

  1. It forgives your sins and elevates you

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said that shan’t I tell you a way Allah forgives your sins and elevate your good deeds? It is by performing ablution properly even though you might face difficulties, by increasing footsteps towards the mosque and then waiting for the next prayer.

These are the just 6 reasons to motivate you, in actual, there are many more. So why not pray at mosques than praying at home?

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.