6 reasons you should not pop pimples on your face

What are pimples and what is inside the pimples? A pimple is usually caused when excessive oil and dirt get trap in the pores of the skin and bacteria get intact with it which later on form spot or acne on the skin. There is a lot of bacteria and gunk (a sticky substance) in pimples.

All the pimples are inflamed and filled with puss. Many people think it’s satisfying for them to pop a pimple because they can see the dirt coming out of their body in the form of pus. There are many scary reasons you should not be popping up pimples.

1-Popping a pimple can cause Infections:  Whenever we pop a pimple we create a new infection on our skin. As we know, when we are popping a pimple, we are actually tearing our own skin which causes an open wound and leaving our skin an attraction for bacteria and germs.

This may lead to a severe infection on our smooth skin. Many skin specialists have warned people not to do a self-surgery of the skin i.e. popping the pimples.

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2-Popping can leave scars on your skin: If you really love your skin, you should stop popping pimples. We should always consult a good skin specialist for our skin trauma like acne or pimples. They can help us better.

Their sterilized equipment and expertise can help us to stop unnecessary scar on our skin. If you really want to stop your skin from untidy scarring, you should immediately consult a doctor rather than treating it yourself.

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3-Picking and popping can make its appearance worse: When we try to pop a pimple because of its ugly look, it doesn’t give us a solution of getting rid of it but it causes our skin look worse than before.

It is all because when we touch or try to press and pull a pimple, this causes severe damage to our skin. It is also quite hurting for us. This cause redness and swelling.

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4-Popping pimples can cause dirty scabs: A pimple can be pooped easily to your will but a scab stays there, it makes you look ugly. The scab takes its time to cover.

Though a pimple destroys your pleasant moment for you to look beautiful a scab is impossible to cover with concealers or foundation. All together they make your look go worse.

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5-Popping pimples can cause discoloration of your skin: Your skin can go fade in color around your acne. This changing of skin color around the acne is called Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

It is not a scar. It is a flat area that is darker from the skin around it. It takes almost years to go back. We will seriously hate this on our skin so how can we bear it for years.

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6-Popping can cause more pimples: When we pop a pimple on our sin with our dirty hands and non-sterile tools, the puss which oozes out on the skin and spread a way of the dirt and germs to cause more pimples on our beautiful face.

Finally, I would say, if you love your skin and don’t want any above-mentioned problems on your skin, so you should avoid picking and pocking pimples and should choose an expert advice to treat them.

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