6 reasons Arabian Horses cost $100,000

Arabian horses are among the most expensive horse breeds in the world. A single Arabian horse can cost about $100,000! There are factors like age, genes, training and so which cause the price of the Arabian horse to shoot up.

Age of the Horse

Arabian horses that ages between 7 and 14 are the most expensive ones. A young horse, of course, is a fresh one and has a greater ability to reproduce.

Trained Horses

A well-trained horse is, of course, an expensive one. It takes time and effort both to train an Arabian horse. A horse that is able to take commandments and fulfill a task is surely worth the price!

The Bloodline

To many, the bloodline of the Arabian horse matters, and thereby the horse with a stronger Arabian bloodline fetch a higher price than others.

The Genes

The genes of the horse are also important. A well-trained horse with a strong bloodline might be genetically ill and shall not be an expensive one.

Competitive Horses

Any horse, be it Arabian or non-Arabian is to cost you a higher price if it has taken part in or won a competition. So, a horse with greater medals and competition certificates has a greater market price than usual ones.

The color of the skin

The color of the skin of the horse also matters a lot. As Arabian horses come in different coat colors such as grey, bay, and black: the prices vary from color to color.

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