6 questions to ask from children when they return from School

We all know that studies are important and for that matter choosing the best school in town is not enough. You need to have a check on your child: their grade just depicts their ability to learn. But there are other things that you need to know about. As a parent only asking the boring question that “how was your day at school?” isn’t enough.

You need to know what your child has been doing for almost 5-6 hours in school. Here are some questions that you need to ask your kids when they return home from school:

  1. What is the place of the school you like the most?

You need to know where the interest of the child lies. While at school what is the place he wishes to spend his time? Is it the playground, tennis court, library, art room or the science lab? This way you will get to explore the interest of the child.

  1. Who did you sit with today?

Your child spent hours sitting with a child you might not know. You need to learn about the company of the child. You shall ask them frequently that the person they are sitting with is good or bad? Does your child feel comfortable while sitting with them?

  1. What is the most difficult rule of the school?

You need to know what problems your child is facing in the school and what type of rules does the school have. If there is any rule which your child finds difficult to follow, you shall know so that you might help them.

  1. Did you use washroom today?

We need to admit that kids these days are not safe. We need to ask kids such questions, which aren’t that obvious so that we might get a hint in-case there is a trouble. You can ask them if the washroom was clean and that if there was anyone else around.

  1. Did you help someone today?

You need to up bring a helping child: a child who cares for others and knows how to help others. Encourage your child to help others.

  1. What new word did you learn today?

This is a technique where not only you will explore the vocabulary of your child but also you will know that what is the atmosphere of the school. You will know if there are children from other dialects in school. This is also a way to know your child is not learning abusive language from other kids.

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