6 questions every girl should ask her doctor before Wedding

Congratulations, you are now getting married. For the brides, there is one very important appointment that they must make, and that is for their gynecologist. You must be wondering why to read on to find out.

  1. Any contraception queries

One of the most beneficial things about speaking to a medical professional is the ability to ask any query without having an awkward situation such as what you would have while talking to your mother about contraception. So regardless of how fast or slow you want to add a member to your family, you should be completely informed about contraception.

  1. Get all tests done

In these modern times, both the groom and the bride must get their basic tests done in order to rule out any health concerns prior to marriage. One thing that the brides can ask their groom-to-be to do is to get an ultrasound done along with regular blood tests. This will be beneficial in covering concerns like PCOD.

  1. The pap smears

This is very important. While you are visiting your doctor or medical professional, you can ask them to do a scan or examination of the chest area. Ideally, all women after a certain age should be getting these tests done at least once a year. Seriously get these done regularly!

  1. The periods

There isn’t any such thing as a happy time during your period. This can become an even bigger issue if the period thinks about reminding you about itself on your wedding day.

Your gynecologist can help you plan and schedule your cycle with the help of some medication. This will allow you to be completely unscathed and non-concerned about your period on your special day.

  1. When, where how?

As adults, we probably know what follows marriage. Yes, I am talking about fulfilling each other’s needs. The gynecologist is the best person to talk about the topic freely and openly and you can also avoid any awkwardness which you might encounter if you decide to talk to your mother about it.

You can also ask any questions in relation to contraception and coitus. Don’t take any advice on the intimate act from any source on the internet that is what doctors are there for.

  1. Is this normal?

You should use this opportunity or appointment to discuss all experiences down below you might have had that you wondered are normal or not. It is best to be open and not shy in front of the doctors in order to detect any problems or answer any queries beforehand.

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