6 Pleasing Habits of Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia

A few days ago, I published an article on my blog “5 Irritating Habits of Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia” which received a lot of criticism from all around the world. Every nationality has good and bad habits; I have written about the irritating habits of Pakistanis which does not mean they don’t have good habits. One of our regular reader’s Sister Truth jolted down these points for us. After reading them, I have decided to share it with you people.[irp]

Very Helping Nature: They will go out of your way to help you if they know you are in need of them. According to my personal experience, my husband was finding it difficult to move furniture to our new location and a Pakistani Pathan with a pick up helped us. When we asked him money for his services, he told us that he did not do it for money. He has already earned his day’s wage. He saw us looking for the truck and struggling to find it so he decided to help us. The young Pakistani man rescuing over half a dozen people during a flood is well known to all.

Bold and are not afraid: A young Saudi kid rammed his 4×4 into a car driven by an Indian jumping the signal. I saw two Pakistani kids coming to his rescue as the person from India could not speak Arabic and be scared what his sponsor would say now that the car was ruined. They calmed him down and helped communicate with the traffic police when it arrived. They ensured he was not blamed for the accident.

Yes, they may annoy you at first by comparing everything back home, but spend some time with them. Once they open up, you will realize how critical they are for their country.

People with Good Hearts: In offices and places of business they may give a tough time to Indians due to legendary rivalry but my husband claims they mellow down as they are people with good hearts and as long as you can speak their language that is all that matters to them.

Hard Working: Some of the toughest machines on the roads are handled by Pakistani men. Most of the heavy trucks on long routes are driven by Pakistanis. It is not easy to drive a truck for 24 hours without having a nap.[irp]

Patriotic: They can say a hundred bad things about their country within themselves. But when somebody tries to talk against their country, they get together and make a solid defense. I have seen many Pakistanis doing it in my office. They can say whatever they want to say about their country, but when someone else talks bad about it, they become Pakistan Army.


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.