6 Pakistanis arrested for fighting in the Jeddah market

Jeddah police have confirmed the arrest of 6 Pakistani expats who were involved in a massive fight in the Jeddah public market.

Living in the Kingdom, everyone might have gone through a disturbing video that circulated on Saudi social media platforms. The video showed a group of people brutally fighting and hitting one another openly in one of the public markets of Jeddah.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the police have arrested some people after recognizing them through the video that showed social violence in the market.

All the arrested people are Pakistani nationals. Among them, the three are legally residing in the Kingdom while the other three were found of violating the Saudi residency law.

Talking further about the violent video, the police disclosed that the cause of the fight was their personal issues.

As they have violated the law and caused a disturbance in society, thus they are handed over to public prosecution for further trial. All of them are expected to be deported after they complete their punishment.

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