6 Most Useful Road Trip Hacks from Saudi Arabia to Dubai

Spending vacation in the most enjoyable way is the dream of every individual and for that search for a most suitable place is always important. Tourists have different preferences but when it comes to Dubai it’s a big yes from the majority of people.

Dubai has been on the top of the list because of the unlimited possibilities of options available not only for individuals but for the families also.

From Saudi Arabia to Dubai the road trips are not only the cheapest source to travel but the most entertaining one as one gets the chance to enjoy all the food, snacks, the family conversations, and the enjoyment of all the sightseeing. If one is planning to travel by road here is a list of some road trips hacks that can be helpful.

1-Mapping of Route before Travelling

Planning before your trip can be helpful. Road trips can be entertaining and disaster both, all depends on how you have planned. Normally it involves planning about the bathroom breaks, drivers resting time, fuel refills, and meals one take so if effectively planned it can be really helpful.

An estimated time from Riyadh to UAE’s border is a travel of 8 to 10 hours so a comprehensive plan can make your trip enjoyable and easy.

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2-Holding Adequate Cash

Keeping an adequate amount of cash is important to meet the immediate needs like petrol, snacks or for any other emergencies but safety factor must not be ignored. One must hold the card with them in which they have the money as that would be safe but a minimum threshold must be determined.

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3-Travel in Daytime Rather than Night

Daytime traveling is preferred as compared to night. If you plan to travel you must leave Riyadh around 5-6 am so that you would be able to reach UAE’s border by 7-8 p.m. When you will reach Dubai at this time then there is much time left to find a suitable place to check in, have dinner and rest and get ready for the upcoming days to enjoy.

Daytime traveling also allows you more of sightseeing and it helps you to save yourself also from any obstructions that might be in the way like camels crossing the roads etc.

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4-The Stock of Snacks and Water

Ensure the availability of plenty of snacks and water for the journey so that everybody in the vehicle gets enough stock of everything for them and nobody gets cranky.

5-Filling up of Petrol before Reaching UAE’s Border

Before arriving at the UAE’s border, it is preferable to fill up the petrol from the last petrol station that you spot in Saudi Arabia. The benefit of that would be that you will be able to reach your destination with peace and will be saved from the hassle of finding petrol in the new area.

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6-An Arrangement of a Trash Can inside the Car

A very important thing to ensure is the presence of a trash can in the car which you can empty where you can get the chance. It really saves the car from getting messy.

A cereal container with a bag is a really good idea that will serve your purpose. These few handy tips, if followed will surely make your road trip much pleasurable and smooth.

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