6 months multiple tourist visa for Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister has announced that the memorandum that was signed in Riyadh in October 2019 will take effect this year. The memorandum was to grant multiple tourist visa for Russia for up to 6 months.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced in August 2020, Moscow and Riyadh will very soon announce the procedure on how to receive multiple Visa. The two countries will enable the visa granting to the citizens of their countries.

Types of tourist visas

Two types of tourist visas will be issued to the citizens of the two countries. The first one will be a multiple-use tourist visa for up to 6 months and the second one is a special multi-use tourist visa with a time period of 1 year.

In addition to this, multiple private and humanitarian visa for 5 years is also a part of this memorandum.

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