6 healthy ways to prepare your body for the month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is just approaching near and Muslims are excited about it when they will fast from dawn till sunset to seek Allah’s mercy and blessings. Fasting means to avoid eating and drinking and bad habits for the whole from dawn until sunset.

It is a better idea to plan and prepare your body for fasting sometime before Ramadan as it will help you to make your transition much smoother. Here are some six steps that you can follow to prepare your body for Ramadan.

  1. Eat less but have a healthy diet

It is often seen that Muslims around the world start to eat too much before Ramadan as the month of fasting is going to start soon. However, we should not follow this lead because it will only increase our appetite and make us feel uncomfortable during fasting.

It is good for us to get our body to prepare for Ramadan by reducing our meal portion from today onwards. It will help our body to get used to less food and calories and will help us to ease our Ramadan eating schedule.

Besides this, try to provide your body with quality food and avoid eating heavy food and also avoid access use of salt and Sugar that cause an unwanted reaction in your body and it makes the carving harder to fight.

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  1. Stop taking Caffeine

Another healthy step that will be helpful during fasting. Cut down on Caffeine. It is indeed a difficult thing for you if you are coffee-lover. In order to avoid getting a pounding headache in the first few days of Ramadan try to reduce your caffeine intake.

  1. Stop snacking

Nowadays we all are having three meals per day and with the start of Ramadan, we will have to reduce it to two. Beside our breakfast, lunch, and dinner we use to have our tea snacks as well as midnight snacks. We will have to reduce our snacks in order to get prepare for the Hoy month.

  1. Master your sleeping schedule

With the start of the Ramadan our lifestyle, eating habits, as well as our sleeping schedule changes. It is better to plan a sleeping pattern for your body that fits with Ramadan and try to stick to it as best as possible.

For example, you can follow this, go to sleep early at night and wake up for Suhoor and start your daily work and then have an afternoon snap sometime before Iftaar. Whatever sleeping pattern you choose for yourself prepare to follow that from today.

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  1. Quit Smoking

It is often seen in smokers who fast in the months of Ramadan pass through irritability, anger, restlessness, impatience, and difficulty concentrating during Ramadan because of smoking.

For smokers who want to avoid these symptoms should try to quit smoking or reduce the numbers of cigarettes, they have per day. Take Ramadan as an opportunity to quit a bad habit like smoking.

  1. Pay a visit to your doctor

If you are having any health issues or you are concern about your ability to fast because of your bad health it is time for you to visit your doctor. Moreover, diabetics, hypertension, and gastric reflux patient must pay a visit to their doctor before Ramadan.

This will guide you clear about your ability to fast and also will prove helpful while changing the timings and dosage of your medicines.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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