6 Conditions Saudi Police must comply with to search the Houses of People

The police have to search for houses in certain cases. It becomes necessary to carefully scan the house of suspect to get equip with proofs. In certain other cases, the house of suspect has to be searched by the police to get to the suspect himself.

So, there are different nature and types of cases where it becomes necessary to scan a house.

To mention a few of the cases, a police may search a house for: it is a warehouse of criminal or criminal activity took place there, reported drugs and weapons inside, catching a murderer or a person involved in money laundering.

Well, of course, the police have the right to search a house if it finds necessary. Yet the authorities now have described the six conditions that police must abide by for searching a house.

These conditions are must be followed by the police otherwise the police themselves will be subject to penalty.

The police who do not abide by the conditions shall be made accountable in front of the authorities. So, here are those 6 necessary conditions that the police shall abide by for searching a house:

1-The police shall be vigilant of collecting evidence: it shall highlight the evidence spotted at the crime scene and shall bring it forth. The evidence of any kind shall be handed over to the investigation officer after careful collection by the police.

This condition is imposed as it will help to solve a criminal case: small evidence can help unfold a mystery!

2-The police shall be careful while searching the house. It shall take precautionary measures that are necessary for the safety. Thereby it is instructed to the police to take help of the explosive experts if the house is suspected to be equipped with weapons and ammunition.

So, if the investigation officer doubts that the house may be having weapons in it, the police shall first call for explosives experts before searching the house.

3-While searching the house, the police might be able to find some or a lot of money inside. So, the money that is found by police while searching the house shall be clearly reported to the concerned authorities.

4-All the belongings found shall be separated: this means that in the case of more than one accused, the belongings shall be reported separately for each accused. A separate report for each shall be prepared for this purpose.

5-The relevant experts shall be called by the police for carefully examining the documents found inside the house.

6-The police have the authority to seize the items only if it is necessary. Otherwise seizing items are not allowed.

A lawyer and a legal counselor, Nawaf Al-Nabati, commented on the conditions. He said that police have the knowledge about these conditions and they carefully abide by it.

The criminal investigation officers are very vigilant to follow all the instructions and there is rarely a case where they have violated an instruction and regulation while searching a house.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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