6 best things to do in UAE with Kids

As a dream city, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) promises a memorable trip for a lifetime for both kids and adults. It abounds with educational and entertainment activities in which kids of all age groups can take part and have fun. From desert safaris or adventures or interesting places like Burj Khalifa, possibilities are endless in Dubai. It is a city that offers plenty of fun elements to kids.

Are you planning to visit Dubai with your kids? If yes, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the below-mentioned exciting places and kids activities in Dubai.

  1. Take your kids to KidZania

An interactive play environment dedicated to kids, KidZania lets children play exciting games and discover new things. KidZania involves many special activities from 40 distinct professions. Here, children get to choose the kind of classes they wish to attend. Next, they attend classes to earn a degree in their preferred field.

Zupervisors supervise kids and lend a helping hand to them in dealing with different professions. As kids choose the profession of their choice, supervisors help them deal with the challenges. Is your little one fond of playing games? If yes, you can let him/her play his/her preferred game in the Games Room in KidZania. The latter has foosball, a children’s pool, and a bunch of other indoor games to keep your little one engaged in playing games. The cost of buying tickets for entry into KidZania ranges between 63 AED and 90 AED.

  1. Give your kids a pleasant surprise by taking them to Dolphinarium

Children love dolphins for a special reason. Dolphins are playful animals, and their tricks can win the heart of a child. Dolphinarium hosts a special dolphin show, namely the Dubai Dolphin Show. In this show, seals and bottlenose dolphins play their tricks and showcase some amazing dance moves. Your little one will feel delighted at the sight of it.

Furthermore, you can let your little one swim with dolphins and interact with them in proximity if he or she is fond of dolphins. Another fun activity for kids in Dolphinarium is making way through the bends and twists among many reflections in the mirror maze. To beat this challenge, your little one will need to exercise his/her brain. The cost of tickets to enter the Dolphinarium range between 41 AED and 52 AED. 

  1. Let your kids explore the Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium

This Underwater Aquarium is specially made for kids. It houses more than 140 distinct species of marine animals. Among marine species, this place is primarily known for its highest number of tiger sharks in the world. Taking a guided tour of the shark tank is one of the best things you can do when you are in the aquarium. 

Apart from taking the guided tour, you can also take part in other activities. The prominent ones among them include the Shark Walker Experience and the Cage Snorkelling Experience. The Penguin Cove is a place where you can interact with penguins. Moreover, you can also feed them. It is the best thing you can do if you are an animal lover. The cost for tickets at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo ranges between 70 AED and 89 AED.

  1. Take part in skiing activity along with your kids at Ski Dubai

The weather in Dubai remains hot for most of the year. But there are many places and activities in Dubai that will provide you with a respite from the scorching heat in the city. An indoor ski resort, namely Ski Dubai, is a case in point. It is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East.

In Ski Dubai, you can take part in a wide range of snow activities and have fun with your kids. The snow activities in which you can take part here include skiing, sledding, tobogganing, and snowboarding. Another exciting activity that your little one is likely to enjoy the most is the penguin show. By taking part in this activity, your kid can interact with penguins. Here, the cost of tickets will range between 178 AED and 198 AED.

  1. Let your kids engage in IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure, with its seven adventure zones, is a themed entertainment park in Dubai. From cartoon networks to cinema and adventure, it has everything that kids like. Each zone of this place gives a distinctive experience from the other.

The Lost Valley, which is a themed zone involving dinosaurs, offers an exciting roller coaster ride to kids. Likewise, the Haunted Hotel, which is based on the haunted theme, tests the bravery of the little ones. If your little one is fond of cartoon characters, let him/her explore more of them in the Cartoon Network zone. While there are also other fun zones in the theme park, Novo Cinema is special as your little one can watch his/her favourite movie here.

The cost of buying IMG Worlds tickets ranges between AED 153 to AED 180. You can buy your tickets based on the type of activities in which you wish to engage.

  1. Visit Legoland with your kid

A Lego-themed amusement park, Legoland is an exciting place to visit with children. It has a wide range of exciting rides, especially twister rides and mini coasters. In addition, this place also has child-friendly thrills. If your child is fond of cars, Legoland will allow him/her to learn how to drive a car.

At Legoland, your child will get to learn how to drive a car and also earn a certified driving license. In addition, it also has arrangements for airplane training and boating. Legoland has training schools for learning both these skills. For adults, Legoland has lounging space next to a pool at the Water Park. Individuals can zoom from one water slide to the other. At the merchandise stores of Legoland, you can buy your preferred Lego merchandise. You can buy tickets to enter Legoland by spending an amount between 146 AED and 229 AED.


When it comes to kids’’ activities in Dubai, the desert city offers exciting possibilities. After entering UAE with your kid(s), do not forget to visit the aforementioned venues or take part in the exciting activities there. You can rest assured that you will have an invaluable experience.

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