10 best Pakistani Restaurants in Jeddah

Jeddah hosts some of the top-quality Asian restaurants. Here is a list of the best Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah;


Marhaba is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah as far as ambiance and the quality of food are concerned. It is a place where you can bring your Pakistanis guests without worrying about anything. However, the restaurant menu and the price is a bit on the higher side.

Marhaba - one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah

Al Jadeed 

As compared to other Pakistani restaurants listed on this page, Al Jadeed is a new restaurant. They offer fairly good quality food but full marks to their ambiance.

Once again, it is one of those restaurants where you can blindly bring your Pakistani guests without worrying about anything.

Al Jadeed - A Pakistani restaurant in Jeddah with the best ambiance.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ tonight by far is one of the top 3 Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah in all respects its taste, the variety of food, and the ambiance. Although they need to work a bit on their décor and sitting area, still it the best available in Jeddah.

  • BBQ tonight buffet price on weekends: SR 66/adult.
  • BBQ tonight buffet price on weekdays: SR 59/adult.
  • BBQ tonight Jeddah location.

BBQ Tonight - one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah

Spinzer La Sani

Spinzer La Sani is known for providing mouth-watering food at competitive prices. The restaurant provides a buffet, which is its most popular item/course on the menu. It is also used for Iftar parties and wedding functions as they have a big lawn.

The most recommended dishes on their menu are tikka boti, Mutton karahi, Chicken boti, and their Naans.

Spinzer La Sani restaurant

Red Chillies

If you are ever craving meat, cooked to perfection and subtle in taste, then Red Chillies is the best option in Azizyah. They know how to excite those taste buds and fill the cravings.

Their diverse menu wants you to try different food items and that too delicious ones. The Bihari kebabs, beef kebabs, burgers, and club sandwiches are the talk of the town for a reason!

Nirala Restaurant Aziziyah

Nirala restaurant is known for traditional Pakistani food such as Nihari, kebabs, and halwa puri. Do try their mutton kebabs! A clean and well aesthetic place to enjoy food at a very reasonable price.

Nirala Restaurant Aziziyah Jeddah

Nirala Restaurant Sharfiya

Nirala restaurant Sharfiya is a low-price super tasty Pakistani restaurant in Jeddah known for its chickpeas gravy, mutton karahi, Nihari, brain Masala, and fried fish.

However, the area where it is constructed and the building from the inside do not provide an eye-catching environment so do not take your guests there.

Nirala Restaurant Sharfiya in Jeddah

Makkah Hotel

Makkah hotel provides the best of the best Pakistani taste in Jeddah. It is known for its Palao, fried fish, and on top of all its Makhni Karahi. However, keep in mind that it is a very old restaurant and therefore, its furniture, and ambiance are quite ordinary.

Makkah Hotel in Jeddah

Hot N Spicy

When it comes to pleasing taste buds, Hot N Spicy is the place. They are best known for their Hot n Spicy Pizza and Chatni Rolls. Their sitting area is quite small but do visit them for their taste.

Hot N Spicy Jeddah

Afnan Karachi Haleem

If you want to eat the best Haleem in Jeddah, Afnan Karachi Haleem is the place to go. They are specialized in Haleem and Bund Kabab burgers.

Afnan Karachi Haleem

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