6 false assumptions of having a Saudi husband

As soon as people know that being a European woman, your husband is a Saudi, they make the following 6 false assumptions.

1-He must be physically abusive

This is quite a general assumption these days and I have heard people say it numerous times to several women. Knowing many Saudi men, I can say that they really respect their wives and do not beat them.

2-He expects you to be his slave

This generalization again is inaccurate as this exists all around the world. Additionally, if I have seen any nationality of husbands spoiling their wives, it is the Arabs, with the numerous housemaids, chauffeurs, etc.

03-He will make you cover your head

Well, firstly a Hijab is more of a choice for Muslim women. I would not rule out the fact that many MUSLIM husbands make their wives cover their heads.

But again that is a religious aspect and not a cultural or an issue associated with the Saudis only. 

04-You will be one of his many wives

Well even though that is a possibility, just because it is allowed, doesn’t mean it is the least bit true.

Muslims around the world do have permission to marry up to 4 women however, it does not mean that they have more than one wife.

05-Saudi Husbands kidnap their own children

Firstly, the safety of their child is vital to the parent regardless of their nationality; however, it is false that child abductions are done by Saudi husbands.

In fact, I have found them the most loving towards their children. In the west, people don’t take that much pain for their children as Saudis do for their kids.

06-Saudi husbands are over possessive

Well, if you compare them with Western Husbands, you are right. They are very possessive of their family including their sisters, wives, and children.

But I don’t find anything wrong here. In fact, it is kind of a compliment for them. 

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.