5 Years Jail + 2,400 lashes for breaking his mother’s teeth

The man and his mother were traveling from Al-Laith to Makkah. In between, the 30-year-old son lashed out and hit his mother breaking her front teeth.

The mother, on arriving at a checkpoint asked the police officers there for their help. They listened to the mother and immediately arrested the son while sending the mother to the hospital by calling the Red Crescent.

The criminal court judge found the man guilty and was immediately sent to prison. During his 5-year imprisonment, he will be lashed 2400 times for torturing his mother.

The sentence would include him getting 60 lashes repeated 40 times after every 10 days.

The court judge also called for the 30-year-old man’s front teeth to be broken, as he did of his mother’s.

Source: Arab News

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