5 things you need to know before getting breast implant in Saudi Arabia

Before undergoing a breast implant or any other surgery, one shall only refer to an experienced and qualified surgeon. A surgeon who can give you thorough consultation on the matter, guide you and shall be able to make your surgery a successful one.

One shall always make a decision that is most suitable for them. This can only happen when one has a thorough knowledge of the procedure of the surgery, its risk, advantages, and disadvantages.

A patient shall know if it is the correct time for her to go through breast augmentation or not. Here are 5 necessary guidelines for those women who are willing to seek breast implant.

1-Have it for a good reason: Sitting at home, you shall assist yourself with the question that why do you need the Breast Implant? You should go for the Breast Implant if you have a good reason for it. Here are a few questions that you shall ask yourself:

  • What is that bothers you so much that you need to have a Breast Implant?
  • What results do you foresee?
  • Are you excited to go through a Breast Implant?
  • Are you prepared to face risks attached with Breast Implant? 

2-Be fully equipped with options: This surgery comes with various choices such as shape, size, projection, incision sites and the placement of implants. Not all women can fit in the same size, so know your choices.

Your options would depend upon your physique, height, the width of shoulder, hips and chest measurements. Consult a number of surgeons before going for a surgery!

3-Be prepared of the risk of another surgery in Future: Your surgeon might assure you that the implant has a lifetime guarantee. He is not lying but you might be requiring a surgery in future.

The implant may not get expire but there are certain complications related to breast implant that require replacement. Size and shape of the breast are also subject to change with age, lifestyle, and pregnancy: in such a case another surgery is required.

4-Wait for the optimal results: Breast implant is a surgery that won’t show the result in days. You need to wait for the best results. The patients with sub-muscular surgery not only will take more time to recover but also more time for optimal results than patients with sub-glandular implants.

The body needs to heal and recover, this process can take time and your breast might get into a perfect shape after 6-12 months! Recovery time period varies from person to person.

Some people are able to recover within 7-10 days, yet we do not recommend them to undertake any strenuous activity for 6-10 weeks. Do have a talk with your surgeon about the matter.

5-Always have Realistic Expectations: If you have idealized someone’s breast for the surgery, don’t do so. Your body structure and breasts are different from another. You and your body are unique and let it be.

Your breast implant will definitely bring a change but don’t expect that they can turn out to look alike your ideal personality’s breast! Have realistic expectations. This will help you a lot: unrealistic expectations will always lead to disappointments even if the surgery went successfully.

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