5 Social Media Rules You Must Know

Being present on social media is mandatory in today’s world. The latest updates swiftly make their way into the world of social media. It is also a place to put your business forward if done the right way. With the viewership and users of billions of people all over the globe, it becomes a duty almost to navigate carefully while on social media. As a social media user, you must never misuse the blessing it is on us and turn it into a curse. As every action is entitled to a reaction. Thus, while on social media use ethical ways to gain popularity on social media. Make sure that the wider reach on social media does not land you in trouble.

We have listed five social media rules that one must know while using a social media platform. Let us have a detailed look at them, now.

  • The Right Content

The popular opinion is that content and its message is subjective and varies from person to person. However, there is still a line between right and wrong. Thus, creating the right kind of content is important. Make sure your content is factually right and you are not misinforming a person based on some random news. Before posting, it is important to thoroughly research the topic and create content that will be helpful to people rather than create panic amongst them.

Apart from that, treat your social media account as the one that will reflect your personality to the views without even conversing with them. If you are a business profile, the value your brand exuberates is what would make the crux of your content. The right content simply means good and relevant content. If it wasn’t for the right content, how is one supposed to know the difference between a garment business and a stationery business?

  • Consistency

Posting regularly on social media is a must-know-rule for all. Be it a personal profile or a business profile or a content creation profile, if you are not consistent with your posts there is no way to gain popularity on social media platforms. The posting schedule must be strict and following it is essential. For instance, posting one tweet every week or one tweet a day is not enough on Twitter. 

This fast-growing social media platform requires your immediate attention. Thus, posting three or more tweets a day on Twitter is recommended. However, for a photo/video sharing app like Instagram, the schedule is not so tight. Depending on the follower base, posting twice a day is all you need to dominate your presence on social media.

Regularity is good. However, do not overdo it; posting 20 times in 24 hours is visibly overdoing it. If you bombard your followers with posts, they will ultimately lose interest in your content. There are tools like BufferPublish, Hootsuite, and several more that you can use for this purpose.

  • Avoid Controversy

Social media is notorious in its working and very often controversies arise. If you are not smart or careful enough, your reputation can be tainted based on a single social media controversy. Certain discussions reap more loss than fruit when discussed on a platform as diverse as a social networking site. Unknowingly, sentiments can be hurt while discussing politics, religion, safety, and various social issues on social media. 

However, this does not mean that one must never discuss these topics. However, taking care of where you say what is important for personal safety and security. Don’t alienate people while voicing your opinions. Do listen to what the other party has to say and respect it even if you don’t agree with it. Do consider the ramifications very carefully when you talk about controversial topics on social media.

  • Interaction

Social media is a platform to be social. So, do not hold back when it comes to replying to comments or other important messages. Give out the impression that you care. As a community-based platform, social media thrives when you grow with each other. 

It includes leaving valuable feedback on other people’s posts, replying to the comments under your post, hosting a live video session, or hosting interactive polls and Q&As. If someone reaches out to you, do engage with them. Be a trustworthy and faithful account because that is all you need to be.

  • The Right Social Media Platform

It did not take a lot for WhatsApp to take over what WeChat was giving to people. Yahoo mail falls short in front of Google mail and there are more stories of the same kind. The conclusion is to pick the right social media platform and not everything shiny that is available in the market. Don’t make too many social media accounts as it can not only be distracting but also time-consuming and not fruitful enough. 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a few more are the ones dominating the market today. Thus, one should stick to them as they promise a long-term sustaining plan. Unlike, applications like BalB! who remain in the market for a day or two.

As content creation is an everyday job, it is beneficial to stick to the right social media platforms. It will put the time invested into proper use and not burn you out. As social media costs both time and money, the decision must be made wisely about which social media networking sites to be on.

These five rules of the thumb are crucial for social media users. The platforms are diverse and much is still unknown about the full potential of social media. Thus, knowing certain things before delving into the world of social media is essential.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.