5 sins that we commit on daily basis without realizing that it is a SIN

We all tend to stay away from sins, we know that they are harmful to us in life and hereafter. As Muslims, we all know that we ought to be answerable for our every act. We shall keep away from sinful activities as it makes Allah Almighty angry with us and he shall punish us in the world and hereafter.

However, many Muslims believe that killing, stealing and having alcohol are broadly what comprises “sin”. These are some major sins. There are other sets of activities that are also categorized as sin and we are not aware of them. We undergo these 5 activities on daily basis without realizing that we are committing sin.

1-Backbiting: A habit that almost everyone has is talking at others back. We don’t realize that it is a sin.  

By talking at people’s back we tend to make fun of them (did you notice how bad she smelled? Worse than a rotten egg!), hurt their emotions (we all get to know what others have been cooking at our backs and yes it hurts!), spread hatred ( well yes, if someone is telling me about someone at their back, it is probably something bad about them I would tend to dislike the person for no personal reasons!)

So stop gossiping and back-biting about others as it is a root of social vice!

4612 5 sins that we commit on daily basis without realizing that it is a SIN 02

2-Talking rudely with parents: Most of us do argue with our parents, often we get rude with them and get into a cold conservation. Yet there is nothing “cool” about this at all. This is a sin.

Parents can be wrong at times, but we shall not forget our manners. So make sure you do not cross your limits while talking to your parents.

3-Gluttony: Enjoy your food, but not give an overdose to yourself. Overdosing causes harm to health and harming yourself is a sin.

Gluttony causes multiple diseases which are of both physical and spiritual (arrogance, envy, and show-off) nature. Allah certainly does not like those who waste things. 

4612 5 sins that we commit on daily basis without realizing that it is a SIN 04

4-Being Angry: Well, we all get angry without realizing that it is haram. We all know that anger is something not good at all. We either verbally or physically abuse others in our anger. We often make a silly and foolish decision because we were angry.

Angry impose damage to health. There is nothing good about getting angry and that is why it is haram. I understand that some situations to make us angry and we lose control of ourselves. But then there is a solution to it.

Do you know that there are some things which made Prophet Muhammad angry in his life? The Prophet PBUH has given a solution of angriness. If a person is angry while he was standing, he shall sit down. If he was sitting and got angry he shall lay down. – Sunan Abī Dāwūd 4782

5-Telling a Lie: Oh well, this is a habit we all have. Admit it: we don’t have a single day passed without lying. This means not a single day we committed a sin.

We tend to lie to our parents, our teachers, and our friends. We have made truth such a difficult thing. Nevertheless, truth tends to make life easier!

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