5 Rules to follow on a taxi ride in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Transport General Authority has clarified the rules which you need to follow while riding a taxi in Saudi Arabia to ensure safe and sound transportation.

According to the statement made by Saudi Transport General Authority, you need to follow the following 5 rules while taking a ride in a taxi.

1- Passengers are not allowed to sit on the front seat alongside the driver. 

2- The taxi driver will keep the windows open during the ride as well as after the passenger leaves the taxi.

3- The driver and the passengers must use hand sanitizer while sitting in the taxi and wear cloth or medical face masks all the time during the ride.

4- Passengers must carry personal belongings by themselves when riding and getting off the vehicle. In other words, the taxi driver is not allowed to touch the belongings of passengers.

5- Use electronic payment methods such as credit or debit cards to pay the fare (if possible).

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