5 Reasons why expatriates living in Saudi Arabia remain poor

It is very obvious and understood by many of us that expatriates living in Saudi Arabia must be earning a handsome amount of money, sending it to their families abroad and must be Richie Rich but the reality is completely opposite. They face a lot of financial issues because of their lack of money management.

They end up in financial problems because they assume that going abroad and earning is the solution to their money problems and their families/relatives depend highly on them.

Another cause of money problem for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia is that they are already under heavy loans and debts, which is why they go abroad, to earn, thinking that they would repay all of it with their heavy income overseas.

  1. They support their families too much

These expatriates work hard and earn solely to support their families overseas. They send almost all of their money to them, without saving much for them.

In return, these families don’t feel sympathy and overlook the sacrifices made by these expats. They unnecessarily spend the money in malls and visiting high-end places.

2919 5 Reasons why expatriates living in Saudi Arabia remain poor throughout their lives

  1. They are overly generous

These expats are way too generous and spend almost all of their salaries in buying gifts not only for their families but also friends, colleagues, neighbors and whoever they meet.

Moreover, on family reunions, these expats need to be generous either to show off their money or because of family pressure. They might end up taking loans before going on vacations

  1. They don’t communicate their problems to their families

These expatriates fail to communicate well with their families, sending them money regularly without inquiring what the family actually needs.

As a result, when they come back home, they are gifted with loads of debt receipts, empty bank accounts, credit card bills and are also blamed for not being open.

2919 5 Reasons why expatriates living in Saudi Arabia remain poor throughout their lives 01

  1. Forbidden relations

Expats or the spouses overseas get involved in forbidden relationships due to the long-distance relationship. The family may destroy and above all, this adds more to the expenses. I believe that most of the expatriates are not involved in such kind of activities but there are always some exceptions.

  1. Too vulnerable to scammers

These expats easily become prey to scammers.  The scams include; getting rich quickly with few steps, like deals and requires investing money and the only way they can retrieve their money back is by recruiting more individuals. Other scams involve investing in plots or businesses which do not really exist or shut down soon.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.