5 Places where it snows in Saudi Arabia

Many people know Saudi Arabia only by its deserts, but very few are aware that there are 5 cities famous for the snow in the winter season.


Turaif, located at the Jordan-Saudi border, has the lowest ever recorded temperature of -12°C across the Arabian Peninsula. When the snow season starts in Saudi Arabia, Turaif is among the first to have it. 

snow in saudi arabia


Whenever the news strikes with headlines of snow falling in Saudi Arabia, the first city that comes to our mind is Tabuk.

Most of the videos that show Saudis enjoying snow are filmed in Tabuk. The Jabal Al Lawz that lies just near Tabuk is where layers of snow cover the sand of the mountain. The atmosphere is cold and dry so make sure you carry your moisturizing products.

snow in saudi arabia


Arar, located near the Saudi-Iraq border is a fabulous city where the temperature rarely falls below zero, yet a thin carpet of snow covers the fertile sand.

The visit there is always fantastic: one can enjoy great weather and witness snow.

where does it snow in saudi arabia


Shaqra lies about 190 km from Riyadh and exhibits a great temperature in winter. The trees, swings, and buildings look beautiful with a topping of snow on them. Therefore, people living in the central regions of Saudi Arabia head toward Shaqra during the snow.


Rafha’s temperature in summer can reach as high as 49°C while it snows in winter! The city rests near the Iraq border. Rafha is the city that has actually experienced some heavy snowfalls. 

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