5 Myths about Saudi Arabia believed upon by everyone

If you’ve been part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since birth, this read would make a lot of sense. If you’ve moved to the Kingdom, this read will definitely be a warning for you.

For all those who have become a part of the Kingdom, I extend a warm welcome. You have just become a part of one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries.

No matter how wrongfully the media and people living outside the Kingdom try to harm the true portrait of Saudi Arabia, it shall always show its true colors once it welcomes people from around the globe.

If you’ve been part of the Kingdom for some time now, you’ll easily be able to tell that the Kingdom which was portrayed to you before is completely different to what you’ve been experiencing.

You should “Thank” the media for putting such news in our heads that meet nowhere to actualities. Would you want to know? Here are 5 myths about Saudi Arabia;

01-Women have to wear Burqa or Abaya everywhere they go It’s absolutely true that the women in the Kingdom wear a black cloak that covers them from head to two. It’s equally true that you were not allowed to leave the premises of your home without wearing an Abaya, whether you are a Saudi or an expat.

There are two things which need to be corrected here. Firstly, there is a difference between a Burqa and an Abaya. The burqa is something which is famous in Afghanistan which covers the face of the women as well. Abaya does not cover the face of the woman wearing it.

Secondly, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has given a statement a few months ago that abaya is not necessary for women. It up to the discretion of women to wear or not to wear it.

02-Women aren’t allowed to leave the houseWrong again! Women in the Kingdom are definitely allowed to leave the house. They can travel and go to the mall or the museum or anywhere they want for a matter of fact.

This is one of the biggest myths that have clouded the minds of all those who have little or close to no knowledge about the Kingdom.

When it comes to leaving the Kingdom or any important matter, the permission of their male guardian is required, but apart from that women enjoy all the privileges of their country.

03-Muttawas are everywhere to scold you – It is quite true that some of the Muttawas that you would often find in malls roaming around sometimes cross their limits. 

Now Saudi Government has restricted their authorities. Now they can just persuade you to do something very politely. However, Muttawas are still allowed to arrest you in the case where there is gender mixing or alcohol etc.

04-Saudis are the rudest creation on the Earth – Saudis are basically Arabs. They have been given attention and importance since pre-Islamic times this they may have a little attitude, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are rude.

05-Fatwas and more Fatwas – Some people do pass fatwas that have little truth though it doesn’t mean all Saudis are accountable for it. It’s high time that the mistakes of a few individuals should not be imposed on the rest!

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.