5 most dangerous Scorpions in Saudi Arabia

Saudi climate and the desert terrain are ideal for scorpions’ habitat. There are 28 species of scorpions in Saudi Arabia including the most dangerous ones such as black scorpions, deathstalker scorpions, Arab, and butcher scorpions.

There are around 14,500 scorpion stings reported on an annual basis in KSA with a zero to very low mortality rate. Here are the top 5 most dangerous scorpions in Saudi Arabia.

Black Scorpion

  • Species: Androctonus crassicauda.

Black scorpions with 3 eyes and a length of almost 10 cm are the most dangerous scorpions in Saudi Arabia. They leave their dens at sunset in search of food. They usually live on insects and spiders.

Most of the scorpion stings reported in Saudi Arabia are caused by black and yellow scorpions.

Black Scorpion, most dangerous in Saudi Arabia
Black Scorpion = Androctonus crassicauda.

Death Stalker

  • Species: Leiurus quiquetriatus.

The yellow scorpion is also called the Black Mind or Death Stalker because it is yellow in color with a black tail. It is found in woods, rocks, and burrows that have been abandoned. Yellow scorpions hunt down their prey at night and thus are most active at night.

The Black Mind scorpions are one of the most dangerous scorpions that are found in Saudi Arabia as their poisonous sting can cause nerve damage and cramps resulting in death.

Death Stalker, most dangerous in Saudi Arabia
Death Stalker = Leiurus quiquetriatus.

Small black scorpions

  • Species: Orthochirus innesi.

Small black scorpions are almost 3 cm long with lesser toxic venom. They inhabit the rocks and the wall cracks. They are active at night and hunt down small insects and small animals. The victim may feel localized pain for a couple of hours.

Small black scorpions = Orthochirus innes.
Small black scorpions = Orthochirus innes.

Arab scorpion

  • Species: Compsobuthus arabicus.

Arab Scorpion has a light yellow color body, small length, and mediating eyes. They have a small population in Saudi Arabia and treated less dangerous as compared to the other types stated above.

The scorpion bite may leave the victim in localized pain for a couple of hours. The Arab scorpions inhabit the rocks and feed on small insects, spiders, and other small creatures.

Arab Scorpion = Compsobuthus arabicus.
Arab Scorpion = Compsobuthus arabicus.

Scorpion Butcher

  • Species: Scorpio Maurus.

This scorpion has a large size of bitches that ends up on its arms, thus it is named butcher. They are not dangerous for humans as they have a low level of toxins in their stings. They come out of their dens at night to hunt for food such as insects, spiders, and small animals.

Scorpion Butcher = Scorpio Maurus.
Scorpion Butcher = Scorpio Maurus.

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